30 October 2010

Plodding along

First, I have to share this hilarious photo with you! Remember the wee girly purse I posted a picture of a few days ago? Well, Big E found it yesterday and turned it into...

... a hat! Funny boy.

We've recently coined a new nickname for Posy: Rock-hopper. No, she hasn't suddenly developed the ability to walk and jump on rocks! (Or even on land, for that matter!) Let me show you, in a pictorial manner.
A rock-hopper is a type of penguin, see?

And here be Posy:

She's got this great little tuft of hair that just WILL NOT stay down! Thankfully, we think it looks pretty cute :)

Now, one of the sights I most love to see:

A washing line full of clean nappies, drying in the sunshine. Not to mention Posy and Big Man having some father-daughter time! (Yes, I know she's grumbling in this picture, but she wasn't doing that the whole time!)

And last, but most certainly not least, a picture of our house from the back. Big Man and I made a bit of a snap-decision to stain the deck on Labour Monday just been. If you haven't seen it before we stained it, the picture probably wont mean much apart from seeing our house. Big Man just finished staining the last few bits this morning, and we think it looks pretty good!

Alright, I think that's enough for now. I have a wee girl on my lap now who is valiantly trying to help me type with her toes, so even if there was more, it would have to wait! See you next time!

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