25 November 2010

Christmas with the B's

By popular demand (ha!) I am writing a blog post about what our plans are for Christmas, for presents for the kids, for Rosie's first Christmas and for my cool new Christmas crafts!

I love Christmas time. Seriously, it is without a doubt, my favourite time of year.

Not only is it the time that we celebrate the birth of our precious Saviour, Jesus Christ - and if that was all it was, it would still be special.

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But also, for us Southern Hemispherer's, the weather is warming up, summer has begun (though we can usually guarantee rain on the day!), the promise of long lazy days is in the air, it's time for going to the beach...

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That's right, Santa on the beach. Perfect.

I love, love, love to spend the day with my family. It becomes a little tricky sometimes - my parents are divorced, yet both come from great big families that we love to spend time with. We will usually spend most of the day with one side of the family and try to squeeze in a visit with the other side towards the end of the day.

I've bought the kids new t-shirts to wear. A bit of a gimmick, I know, but I'm so excited about Christmas this year! At least they were on sale - that placated The Husband a bit!

Cute huh?

We've decided to start a bit of a tradition in the way we do Christmas presents for the kids: we will buy/arrange one joint present for them both together, and then one present each. This year they'll be getting my old play oven that my Dad made for me when I was little. I LOVE that! It is so great to be able to give things to your children that used to be yours! Mum even kept the plastic pots and pans we used to play with!

Now, onto my Christmas crafts!

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Ah, isn't that craftily inspiring?

I have a few Christmas-themed crafts up my sleeve, but I'll just share two with you. Well, part of one and the idea of the other, because that's all I've got so far!

I have some polystyrene balls left over from my Dad's wedding decorations so I thought I might make some Christmas balls with those. But instead of making them the most time-consuming way possible (like last time) I thought I'd do them the super-simple way, with tissue paper squares and cheap, $2 shop pins. They'd end up looking something like this --->

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The other thing I'm making is something I'm very excited about! We have archways in our house.

Excuse the mess...

And my cool new project involves this:

And this:

And that's all I'm going to show you right now! Mainly because that's all I have to show for myself, apart from one wonky-looking heart... I'll keep you updated. I'm hoping to have this finished within a week so that I can put it up when I put up my Christmas tree on the 1st of December. We'll see how that goes...

(Update: I ended up finishing it on the morning of our B's Christmas Do - still sewing the last bit when K&S arrived and they helped me put it up on the archway. So my plan for getting it done before December totally never happened. Ha ha, oh well!)


  1. Excellent ideas Jess - i also love love love christmas! I put our tree up 3 weeks ago - I couldnt wait any longer. Can't wait to see the archway progress. And hopefully see you over the christmas / boxing day period. Helen x

  2. Oh, I'm so jealous of you having your tree up Helen! I've been resisting so hard! I'm making myself wait till December the 1st, but it's not easy! Looking forward to seeing you (and Milla!) at Christmas.


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