16 November 2010

Midnight craft inspiration

Last night my children decided to have a party at midnight. Good times. Not helped by the fact that I had been carried away by the project I was working on and got to bed after 11pm. Oops. Sorry husband! Posy woke first but I decided to leave her to cry because I am trying to train her out of waking for a feed at night. She really started going for it though, but I was trying to be strong.

And then she woke Big E up. He's recently developed an overnight aversion to having his door shut at night. Strange, when that's always been the way bedtime rolls in this house! So I went in to sort him out and ending up tucking him into my spot in the bed, with Big Man, while I went to sort out Posy. Don't know why I thought that would work - he's never settled down to sleep in our bed if we're in it too, and he certainly didn't last night! I could hear him chatting away to Big Man as I fed Posy on the couch in the lounge. Good times.

(This was Big E at 2 days old.)

Anyway, after getting both children back into bed (and giving Big E a firm talking to, and leaving his nightlight on and door open), I was pretty much wide awake. So I hopped on the computer and started to look around for some crafty inspiration and tutorials - my new favourite internet pastime! You know, as you do in the middle of the night.

So I thought I'd share some of the things I found, and might attempt one day. (When my craft budget allows it!)

Okay, so I found this great - and really easy! - wreath. This one is made for Valentines Day, but I'm thinking of making it, or a star version of it, for Christmas.

This is from Little Birdie Secrets, which has had some other really cute tutorials in the past, including a little birdie (go figure!) costume for a baby!

The next one I really like: It's a car seat/capsule cover for a bubba. I think I'll make one of these for myself when we have our next baby (Please Lord, let there be another baby!) or for the next one of my friends to have a baby! I like that there's still a place to hold the handle of the capsule without having to ruck up the cover, and that it will be nice and dark inside, for baby to sleep, and warm if it's cold outside!

The tutorial for this is here on Cluckclucksew (cute name, right?).

The next one is another baby thing, although I guess you could really use them anywhere if you wanted: collapsible storage baskets. Really like this idea. I'm thinking of making some for Posy's room in the same fabric as her curtains.

If you want to make some of these for yourself, check out the tutorial here at sew4home.

And last, but not least, some reversible headbands.

I'm planning to make some of these for those days when doing my hair properly is not an option. (Come on Mums, we all have days like this, right?) And also to cover the highly frustrating regrowing post-baby shed hair that is about 2 inches long all around the front of my hair, which, on a bad hair day, is not a good look! Actually, it's a seriously ridiculous look. Looking forward to having a few of these in my arsenal!
Find the tutorial for them here at thelongthread.

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  1. Love the headbands and wreath! I totally hear you on the wonky two inches around the front of head with hair thing ... I went to the hairdresser and now sport a 1/2 fringe (sounds wonky but looks ok) so we can try and blend them in (along with blending out my wonderful gray streak). I hope you're blessed with another bubba too in time!


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