02 November 2010

Pretty things and ballerinas

I really like pretty things. Things that are pretty really float my boat. There are plenty of things that exist only because they are pretty, and I think that's great.

One of the things I think are really beautiful are ballerinas.

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I used to want to be a ballerina when I was a little girl.
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Actually, I love them so much I still want to be one. 

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I just think there's something graceful and elegant and restrained yet expressive and strong about ballerinas. And it's the word 'ballerina' too: I would never just be someone who does ballet, I would be a ballerina. How cool would that be?!

And the tutus! The tutus!
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No tutu I've ever made (and believe it or not, I have made a few in my time!) has ever stood out quite so straight as a REAL ballerina's tutu! I love them.

Not quite so sure about the state of my toes after being en pointe though... 
Maybe that's one thing I'd do without?

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Anyway, so I always wanted to be allowed to do ballet when I was little, but my Mum always said no. And I never understood why. I thought it was because I was too fat and she didn't me me to get hurt feelings. Isn't that sad? 

But you know what? That's not why she said no. She was afraid of boxing me in and putting me under too much pressure. A much better reason than what I always thought!

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So I am content with the fact that I never did ballet as a little girl. If my Posy wants to, I think we'll let her try, but I would say it's pretty expensive too! For now, I shall get my ballet fix vicariously through photos and other such things.

And the other thing I think I could do without? 
The men in leave-little-to-the-imagination tights!
My sister and I had a giggle together (like the real mature ladies we are) when we went to see a live ballet a year or so ago. Yucky!

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