23 December 2010

My crafty Christmas decoration

Well, here it finally is!
You may remember this post about the Christmas things I was planning on making and doing. In it I mentioned about wanting to make something for the archway in our entryway/lounge.

After a mad week of staying up after midnight each night and a crazy Saturday morning rush, I managed to get it finished in time to have it up at our Bosgra family Christmas Doo earlier in December. Sure Kelly and Sarah helped put it up when they arrived, but at least it was ready! ;-)

The photo's a bit dark, but here it is:

As you can see, I still have to make a few more stars and bells... I may do that tonight, or it may be next year's project. We'll see if I can fit it on my already extensive To Do list for the next day and a bit!

I like the way it turned out. Next year I'll rearrange it a bit, make the leaves a little more random I think. Currently it's held together with double-sided tape...

One more photo to share with you today.

Who wouldn't want to find this under their Christmas tree on Saturday?! 
My sweet, sweet girl.

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