21 December 2010

New Resolutions

I realise the accepted time for setting 'Resolutions' is New Year's Eve, but I'm not really into that anyway. I guess it's just coincidence really that I've made some new resolutions this close to Christmas and New Year!

I thought maybe if I blogged about them I'd remember them! 
And maybe someone would ask if I'm doing them every now and then. You know, as you do.

Want to know what they are? They're relatively minor, but it's about setting up good habits.
I am going to

1) Drink more water.

2) Wash my face every night before bed.

Then maybe I'll look less like this raccoon in the mornings... And have nicer skin too.

So yup, that's the plan. Let's see how it goes.

Step one would be finding a drink bottle...

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