03 January 2011

Bon Voyage, my sister!

My sister is called Sarah. She is really awesome.

She works as a primary school teacher and does amazing things for her students. She gives so much of herself to make sure that her kids learn as much as they possibly can in their year with her. She makes a big difference in their lives. She is the sort of teacher they will happily remember.

Growing up, we were pretty normal sisters. Close at first, then we became teenagers for a while, and now we're close again. She is 19 months older than me. She's always looked out for me and looked after me. She still does.

Sarah's going overseas for a year on Friday. She's never been away that long before. I know we're both avoiding thinking about what it will be like to say goodbye at the airport. Every time I start to think about it I get a big lump in my throat. I think we'll both be blubbering fools.

My sister, never fear. We will miss each other. A lot. BUT, you will have such a great time. You'll be completely independent, learning what life's like in England, travelling Europe, meeting new people, finding a millionaire to marry you and live in NZ, living out of a backpack in Egypt, trying not to freeze in the snow or get lost in the Tube, doing Tracey Anderson off your iPod and Skype-ing us back home of course!

I love you so much and I'm really excited for you! I know you're scared, but I'm glad you've decided to grab the bull by the horns and do it. A year goes so fast, you'll settle in and start enjoying yourself and before too long it will be time to come home again! Just make sure you do come home!

Take LOTS of photos, write about all your travels in a journal because it's so easy to forget what you've done, Skype often, enjoy your time over there even more. I'll blog lots so you stay updated with us and I'll send you the things you miss from home. Do they have MacIntosh toffees over there?

My wonderful, only, very special sister. I love you. Have fun.

(I'll go wipe my face now - I've already turned into a blubbering fool...)

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