16 January 2011

Consider the beginning...

 I was just checking out the weekend links on one of the great blog networks that I read - Simple Mom (check it out, there's so many great things to read and think about) - and stumbled upon this article with a great quote I had to share. Since I just used up my FB status update for the day (I don't like to post more than once a day there!), I thought I'd tell you all about it over here on my blog!

Instead of posting a new article, over the weekend Tsh from Simple Mom posts 5 links. This article was one of them. The post is titled 5 ways to know if the art has to wait. Check it out here. It sounds like it's aimed at people who are more artistic/creative than I consider myself, but I really loved this part of the article about how God is the original creator. 
Here's the bit I mean:

"Consider the beginning. If you pick up the Bible and start on page one, the first thing we see God do is to create. It was priority number one. It was not an afterthought. He had a purpose and a vision, and he made it come to be. If you tend to see creating art as a luxury, or if you feel guilty about your creative self, I want to urge you to reconsider. You were made in the image of Someone who places a high priority on creativity. To deny that part of yourself is insulting."

Isn't that a great perspective? Especially to someone like me who sees my crafty side as just a little guilty hobby that makes me spend too much money. I think from now on I'll see my creativeness as something more that makes me made in the image of God - and that makes it pretty cool!

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