02 January 2011

Happy birthday Rosie!

I still can't believe that a whole year has passed. 

Our little baby girl is 1 today! 

How on earth did that happen?!

Happy birthday, my darling beautiful girl Rosie.

1:45am on Saturday, the 2nd of January, 2010, I woke up with my first contraction. 3.5 hours later, here you were!

How quickly time has flown since that morning!

Here you are meeting your brother for the first time.

He was a little underwhelmed, I think...
But after that he was in love, same as us!

 The relationship you two share now really is some thing special. Your favourite thing to do has always been to watch Elliot.

Elliot is so lovely with you, he makes a wonderful big brother.

As you're both getting older, you love to play together even more - no-one makes you laugh as much as Elliot!

Back to those first few days with you...
It's amazing how when your baby is born, it seems like they've always been a part of your family and you can hardly remember what life was like without them. Rosie, you were a pretty happy newborn, and you smiled so early - in your first week! You slept well too (most of the time!), which was great.

 Here we are getting ready for your first bath. You've loved the water ever since!


We've watched you grow and develop that amazing little personality you have.

Beautiful eyes and lots of dribble, that's you.

  My little dolly.

People often tell me you look like me. What do you think?

Having a great time!

You love to play little games. This was peek-a-boo inside a box. Elliot had a great fun too whenever you'd pop out the top!

  You're a little bit cheeky too.

 I love to have fun with you. Your laugh is just the most gorgeous sound. Here I had the camera on a 2-second timer and I'd push the button and quickly grab you and smile - you thought it was hilarious!
You love to read books with Papa and Elliot - though Elliot gets frustrated with you because you just can't help yourself but grab the book!

All in all, you are a beautiful little girl and I feel so blessed and privileged that God has given you to your Papa and me to look after for just a short while. 
We pray every day that you would grow to know and love and serve Him.

Happy birthday Rosie-posy. I love you so much.

Love from Mummy

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