03 February 2011

New year, new habits and stuff.

Right, I know it's February already (what?!), but I figure it's still close enough to the New Year to be able to cash in on a few New Year-ly inspired habits. What say you? Sweet.

First up, I've decided to hang a new hook right next to our front door. 'Why?,' I hear you ask. Well, after being caught out this morning at Mainly Music by a wee girl who did a sneaky sneaky poop in her pants and a big boy who is toilet training (and doing very well, by the way!), I thought it might be a good idea to get back into the habit of carrying a nappy bag with me, wherever I go. The hook will be so that I can just grab it on my way out and hang it straight back up on the way back in again.

Here's a pic of my packed nappy bag. (Handmade by yours truly, no less!)

It contains: wipes, a nappy for each child (Elliot wears them at night still), plastic bags, nappy cream, a pair of undies (with a cute giraffe on them) and pants, a pair of socks for Rosie, a bib (pink-backed leopard print, thanks Sister!), a muesli bar and drink bottle (for those times the kids just get desperate!).

Next on the list of New Year-ly inspired stuff is my wardrobe.

I have long had too many clothes. I am one of those people who has kept things with the idea that 'when I lose weight I'll be able to wear this, that and the other thing (x50) again.' Well. I have come to a newly accepted place of okay-ness. Let me explain. I am at the largest (trying to avoid saying 'fattest'...) I have ever been. While my husband and lovely friends still assure me I am not "fat," I don't really believe them. But alas, that is not what I am trying to explain. 

So, I am in the larger stage of life, with not a huge hope right now to drastically lose lots of weight for a wee while as we are still aiming to be in the family-producing years for a little while yet. But now I'm mostly okay with that. I don't mind being a bit large if it means I get to bring more beautiful children into the world. And our children really are beautiful! ;) And it is an enormous privilege to be able to grow them inside my own body, something I've never taken for granted.

I've decided that my wardrobe needs to reflect me, rather than the me I'd rather be. I don't want to be constantly confronted with the message from myself that I am not adequate. I don't want to despair every time I try to find something to wear because I have so many clothes but less than half that fits!

So in a bid to be more practical, I have had a wardrobe clear out. (Funny how often I seem to do this! I must stop shopping.) I have some piles of clothes that I really like but do not fit. So this weekend when we go up to visit family, I am taking them with me to give two of my three awesome sisters-in-law, Sarah and Anita, to pick through, and then I'll take them to an op-shop. I hope Sarah and Anita like some of the ones I really liked - I'd much prefer to see them go to a nice home!

This is the pile I've cleared.

And look how much space I've made in my drawers!

Hello Rosie!

Okay, it actually doesn't look like much, but if you consider I used to have to squish down the stuff in there to shut the drawers, and now I have spare space, it's pretty good!

I am pleased with myself for finally taking this positive step towards self-acceptance. Now if that didn't sound cheesy and contrived I don't know what will. But I am glad I've been able to let go of this unhealthy clothing thing.

Phew! That's enough heavy stuff!

I'll leave you with a cute picture of the kids. Hayden and his Dad were chainsawing up some of the stumps from the hedges they pulled down for firewood and the kids were enjoying watching them from the safety of behind the glass door.

Sweeties huh?

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