31 March 2011

If we got married again...

I loved my wedding day.

I have never felt so beautiful. We had such a great time, surrounded by our family and friends. And of course, let's not forget the fact that we got to pledge ourselves to each other for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish FOREVER! Wahoo!

 Me and my lovely bridesmaids - Paula, my flower-girl Jolene, Tracy and Sarah.

One of my favourite photos of the day!

But you know what? If I could do our wedding day over again, I'd actually change quite a lot! Well, a few things anyway.

Now don't get me wrong, like I said before, we had an amazing day. Not once did I think, "Oh, I wish we done that differently!" But having had a few years now to solidify my own tastes in things like music and decide what things are important to me and what I would have liked to make more special etc, I'd make a few changes.

One of them would be the music my bridesmaids and I walked in to. We used a beautiful piece of music called The Feather Theme which is the song in the credits of Forrest Gump, but we used the version from the Life Is Beautiful soundtrack. I can't figure out how to link to just the song, so here it is from YouTube.

Ah, I love it. Brings back all those happy memories! However, I have since found a piece of music that I love even more! Though, listening to the Feather Theme as I'm writing this is reminding me of just how much I love it!) So, I might possibly change the music to Wild Theme by Mark Knopfler, from the Local Hero soundtrack, which is also beautiful. Both these pieces of music make me close my eyes and sway to the emotion you can hear in them - that's why I love them so much. Here's a live version of the Wild Theme, though I do prefer the recorded version on the album. Moving on. I would wear a different dress. My dress was lovely, and I felt gorgeous, but I just think I could have made a bigger deal of it! I wont (well, I hope and pray I won't) ever get to wear another wedding dress, so I think I should have gone a little more all out! And worn something like this...
Or this... Source Red is my favourite colour, after all! This one I really like, though I'd carry the straps over from the front into a V at the back...
Source But this is my favourite...
Source Just kidding! One other thing: I wouldn't make such a fuss of having the same amount of bridesmaids and groomsmen each (thanks to Paula for showing me that it can be done well and that some things are more important!) and I think I would have chosen more bridesmaids. Though I guess that's something that is a bit different - relationships with friends grow and develop in ways that make them more beautiful over time, and friends whom I love very dearly now weren't as close then, or I didn't even know them! There's a few other things I'd change, but I think this post is long enough! And besides, it's not really important. This was just and excuse to listen to my favourite pieces of music and browse the internet for pretty dresses! Four and a bit years on, and this is all that really counts. We love each other, and we got married. Yipee! Last photo taken by the wonderful Perspectives Photography

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