03 August 2011

My Birthday Party

I have been incredibly slack at blogging regularly here. Lately I've only just had enough energy to keep on top of things and none to spare for trying to organise my jumbled thoughts into any sort of order.

But now I have a few things that maybe you'd like an update on, so I will attempt to continue on with the blogging journey! Onwards and upwards!

Last weekend (the one just been) I celebrated my 25th birthday. 

Crazy. Sometimes I still feel like I'm 16 and have no idea how the world really works.

Anyway. I had a bit of a party to mark the occasion. I wanted to use it to be able to tell the people dearest to my heart that I appreciate them and the input they have into the lives of my family and me. 

I was feeling a little nervous that it would be a bit of a flop of a party - as I do with anything that I've been in charge of organising! - but I think it went well. People told me they enjoyed it and my friends wouldn't lie to my face, so I'll believe them! :)

I asked Phil and Talia if they wouldn't mind bringing their camera along to snap a few shots of the evening and they generously agreed. Thanks you two!

So here's a little taster of how it all went down. I asked everyone to dress with "a splash of red" because red has long been my favourite colour! So that explains the high number of guests wearing something red, in case you were wondering...

There were a high number of portraits taken of this beautiful lady - I suspect it had something to do with the fact that her husband was the one with the camera! But look at her - wouldn't you? :)

The MOST AMAZING cobb loaf dip, the secret recipe to which I am now privy!
(Thanks Mrs ten Hove!)

My 2 amazing birthday cakes, crafted by the even more amazing Heidi, my sister-in-law. All hail the Queen of Cakes! (PS: Also note the fabulous tooth-picked platter, made by my wonderful, precise husband. Doesn't it look gorgeous?)
 PS: They were/are delicious! We polished off most of the first one (chocolate) at the party, and now my family and I are making quick work of the second one (amazingly moist and yummy carrot cake - with cream cheese icing under the fondant!).

 My wonderful (though a little bit hairy, right?) husband - that's him on the left - who was an amazing help to me before, during and after the party. He spent hours prepping the food with me (refer above for example), and many more hours doing just about all the clean up when my feet and back were killing me and while I was at church the next day. (He had stayed back with the kids because they'd been exposed to chicken pox, so we're keeping them in seclusion until the contagious period is over - in a few days time, wahoo!) Hayden is a wonderful man who I am blessed to be married to - not just because he's great at cleaning up either. :) He's definitely a keeper.

Girl talk!

The beautiful Eden, Momma to wee little Zeke.

Speech time! I had spent literally months thinking about what I wanted to say at my party, only to change my mind a few times about how much I wanted to say, and then leave my speech at home! Ha! So I made a trip to the bathroom to deal with my nerves (and yes, my bladder, currently being somewhat smaller than it usually is) and sorted something out in my head, then prayed that I could get it out without falling over my words! I think it went okay, after all that. :)

And of course, I had to blow out my 25 candles - and I nearly got them all in one breath too! Those 2 rogue silly ones that stayed lit ruined it for the rest of them... Just kidding, oh well! I forbade anyone from taking pictures of me actually blowing them out (HATE the puffed-up cheek look!) but a few sneaked in so I am exercising my right to not publish them! :) I love this photo though - like my belly? - it shows the best bits and cuts out the worst, like my double chin and flabby arms and general boat-like figure right now! Thanks for that! :) (And your father-in-law always makes a great backdrop for any photo, right?)

So thank you all for a lovely evening on Saturday.
And to those of my friends and family who weren't there, I hope you know that I love and appreciate the input you have in our lives as well. I have been blessed with a great many wonderful friends and family, all of you whom I truly believe have been given to me by God.

Soli Deo gloria!

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  1. Jess you know how to make a party!!!! It was so awesome and special! Andrew had said we'd leave around 9pm but we were having too much fun and ended up staying 'til 10:30. The latest we've been out since having the babe! thanks for that! xoxo


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