01 September 2011

Welcome to the world!

I thought perhaps this announcement might warrant a blog post from my oh-so-infrequent blogging self!

We have welcomed a new little boy into the world!

Tristan Charles

Born at home on the 29th of August, 2011


4460g/9lb 13oz

Tristan's middle name comes from his Opa (Hayden's dad), who is known as Charlie.

Tristan and I had a very quick labour - 2 hours from start to finish! Hayden was beginning to worry right at the end there that he'd be the one to catch the baby, but we were glad when my midwife Sue arrived - just 5 minutes before he was born! I think Tristan knew I wanted to meet him so much!

There'll be more to come - I have much to write about the journey God took me on during this pregnancy. And 2 whole hours of birth story ;) (See if I can remember anything!) But right now, I'm going to go have a nap - sleep's hard to come by these days!

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  1. Congratulations Jess! enjoy all the newborn snuggles! mmmmmm!


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