25 October 2011

Fruit trees and...

It was hard to find a name for this post... I'll go ahead and write it and you read it and we'll see how it all goes. :)

Hayden and I have been slowly getting our garden/section under control and into a semblance of this-is-deliberately-planted-here-ness. And when I say 'Hayden and I,' I mean Hayden. I help him make the decision about what to do where and he does all the work. He's great, my husband.

Just yesterday (Labour Day, here in NZ - or post-World-Cup-Final-hangover day for a lot of people, me thinks!) Hayden went out and bought us some fruit trees. We love the idea of having our favourite fruits available right here in our own back yard! We already have a mandarin tree (that grows really yummy mandarins!) and a small lemon tree (which grew it's first crop of 7 lemons this year!). Now we have grapefruit, feijoa and a double grafted apple tree - Braeburn and Golden Delicious on one tree. (Ha ha, out of interest, spell check wants me to change feijoa to Joanie.)

L-R Apple, grapefruit, feijoa

We decided to make each of our fruit trees for one of our children each. 3 trees, 3 children, excellent.
So we went ahead and did something a little bit special. To explain, I just have to go back in time a wee way, to three separate occasions.

June 13, 2008; January 2, 2010 and August 29, 2011.

You would be correct if you recognise those dates as our children's birth dates! Well, we have chosen to birth all three of our babies at home - and have been really happy we did. Birthing at home has been a wonderful experience that really fit well with Hayden and I and my ideas of how we wanted our babies to be born. The only thing about birthing at home is not only are you left with a beautiful new baby, but also a freshly finished-with placenta... There's no hospital disposal chute here, and the midwife doesn't take it with her when she packs up her home birth bag! Not a major drama, but certainly something to think about that you don't have to if you're at the hospital or birthing centre. So we have had first one, then two, then three placentas in our freezer. (And no, we never took one out and mistakenly defrosted it for the BBQ, like you'll hear from some people's horror stories!)

Top to bottom: Elliot's, Rosie's, Tristan's
(You can't see it in this photo thankfully, but someone chose a see-through icecream container for Tristan's placenta...)

So, the 3 trees, 3 children thing? We decided to bury a placenta under (deep under!) each of our trees and make a special tree for each of them! Elliot LOVES apples, so we now have Elliot's Apple Tree. As Hayden said, Rosie is a sourpuss (but we love her dearly!), so we have Rosie's grapefruit tree. And Tristan is small, round and green? No, there's not really any reason for the youngest two, so we now have Tristan's Feijoa Tree.

Here's where Hayden the workhorse comes in:

Digging the compost in and planting the trees (the day after staying up late and watching a nail-bitingly tense game of rugby, no less!).

Elliot's apple tree (and life-giving organ) getting ready for planting

Rosie's grapefruit tree and icecream container...

And Tristan's feijoa tree and awesome see-through placenta-holder.
(And no, we are not in a tent. That would be the neighbour's solution to not building a proper fence.)

Maybe you think only hippies bury their children's placentas, but we are certainly not hippies (though you might be forgiven for thinking that we are, if you hear about us home-birthing and burying placentas!). Planting our placentas was a decision born (ha ha, very punny) partly of necessity - can't keep a placenta in your freezer your whole life! - and partly because we think placentas are pretty cool - a special organ that forms all by itself, especially for the task of nourishing a baby while it's inside the womb, then knows when it's job is done and heads on out of there! I really like the idea of our kids having a special tree each, especially Rosie and Tristan's as they were actually born in this house.

We went for a garden walk after dinner yesterday. The kids got excited - well, Rosie and Elliot did; Tristan just kept sleeping - and thought it was neat fun that they each have a special tree now! I love doing new special things with our little people.

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  1. love it!. Lucy,s placenta was kept in the freezer for a year before we decided what to do with it/or where to plant it.Seemed wrong to throw it in a landfill or incinerate it. We also planted it, under a Kowhai tree on her first birthday at the house she was born in.

    I see the Nelson City Council has a 'garden' where parents can bury their children's placenta's


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