26 November 2011

Wedding birdies

Some friends of ours from our church got married today. It was a very beautiful wedding: Breony has wanted to have her wedding in her parent's garden since she was a small girl, and today her dream came true!

Garden wedding, tea party style.

Think well established, cosy garden...

 tea cups...

mismatched chairs...

and I got to sit under an umbrella in the sun!
Ha ha ha, no. Not quite like that. Not so cheesy.

Anyway, I digress. One of the crafts I've been working on lately has been a wedding present for the brand new husband and wife, Mitch and Breony!

I have for a while now thought little birdies were super cute and when I came across this link a while ago, I knew I had to bookmark it and think of a super cool type of birdie to make.

And I thought, "A bride and groom pair of birdies? Yes please!"
So without further ado, I present to you
Mitch and Breony: The Wedding Birds edition.

(PS: I think they are cool, but I am very aware of my haphazard crafting skills (and bad photography!). Be kind to me!)

Here they are packed in their box, ready to fly to their new owners!
Never mind that I forgot to put a card with it so had to leave a message on Breony's parent's answerphone telling them to let them know who the random little birdies were from... Oops.

I like them. I think I will be making more birdies in the future! Maybe a mobile for a baby of a friend, or maybe I'll enlarge and shrink the pattern and make a little Bosgra family of birdies?
What do you think?