02 February 2012

Birth story #1

Maybe I'm strange, but I really enjoy reading birth stories. There's something about the story of a woman bringing a baby in to the world that I find just magical. I love talking about labour and birthing with other women.

I am so glad that I wrote down how it went with my three Babes because you forget all the details so quickly! When Tristan was born, I wrote his birth story here on the blog. But at the time of Elliot and Rosie's births, my blog didn't exist. I know reading about other people's births doesn't appeal to all people but I figure two things: 1) it does appeal to some people (like yours truly!); and 2) this is MY blog, so I'm allowed to share! :)

Here is the story of the day I laboured with Elliot and the night he was born.

13 June, 2008.

Here's my handsome first-born son.

I woke up with my hubby about 8:00am on Thursday, 12 June feeling like I needed to go to the toilet which, being heavily pregnant, was not uncommon! So off I went, but I didn't really need to go... Hayden went off to school (he's a teacher) and I went back to bed, but I couldn't sleep, so I got up again, tried the loo again, but turned out I didn't need to go, and surprise! There was my show!. I didn't recognise it at first, so I rang my sister-in-law, Sarah, who is an ante-natal instructor and my other birth support person. She said to me, "I think you're in labour!" and I said, "Oh my goodness! I'm not ready for this!" But by this time I obviously had no choice!

So I called my midwife, Sue, who was with another woman in labour at the time so I left a message and she called me back to say she'd pop in later and see how I was doing. Also rang hubby and let him know but told him to stay at school because I didn't need him yet. So I went down to the video store with the hopes of distracting myself while I was in early labour. Had one contraction in the car, another one in the store (don't think anybody figured out I was in labour!) then made it back home. It was pretty funny. I ended up watching Mr and Mrs Smith hanging over the back of the armchair because it was too uncomfortable to sit down!

By the time Hayden got home it was 4:30pm and contractions were pretty regular and Sarah was on her way - picking up some milk so we could have breakfast in the morning! We had planned a home birth (yay!) so we rolled the pool into the lounge and put the liner in ready for the water later.

Things kept progressing and Sue popped in around 7pm to listen to the baby and check how I was doing. We were going okay so she went home to eat and have a nap. After she left Sarah went off to get some dinner and I got quite scared of this whole labour thing and didn't think I could do it! I wanted some pain relief! She got back and somehow her and Hayden talked me into going for a walk around the section to see if we could speed things up a bit (with me saying, "I don't want to speed things up a bit!").

It worked, and contractions were coming every 3 minutes or so and my waters broke. (Although I didn't realise it at the time.) After we went back inside, they started filling the pool in earnest - we couldn't get a caliphont so had a couple of big pots and gas cookers and boiled lots of water! I was standing at the kitchen bench, leaning my head on the cupboards (I had a bruise on my head the next day!) and swaying from side to side, which is where I stayed for most of the rest of my labour. I was having a real 'back labour' (Baby was lying posterior - ouchie!) so I insisted that someone rub my back at all times! Hubby couldn't stop unless Sister was standing by to take over, and vice versa!

I started to feel like I really needed to poo (and felt so undignified!) so my sister-in-law rung the midwife, and I had a contraction while she was on the phone so she heard me yellingvocalising and knew she needed to head over! MW made me sit on the loo for a bit which I didn't want to because it was awful to have a contraction sitting down. But I did anyway and had 2 (I think it was 2?) horrid contractions, then my midwife said she'd like to do an internal to check how dilated I was.

It turned out Baby was about 2cm from crowning and luckily the pool was warm enough, so in I got! This was about just before midnight. Nothing could have stopped me from getting in the water at that point - I marched down the hallway from our bedroom to the pool in the lounge, stripping my clothes off as I went. Pretty funny as I'd initially been pretty nervous about being a rudey nudey with other people in the room!

The water was wonderful - I found it hard to pinpoint when my contractions were because it completely changed the way they felt - it really does work as a pain reliever. The second midwife, Pat, arrived around this time. Anyway, I was well and truly ready to push by that point! It felt like forever, but after pushing for a little over an hour our baby entered the world! My hubby was all ready to catch Baby, but as the head came out, the midwives saw that the cord was around his neck, just once, so Sue quickly reached in and pulled it off and helped Baby out the rest of the way - but no major drama! Then, at 1:06am, Baby was lifted up onto my chest with a feeling of immense relief and delight! I had forgotten to look but hubby said, "What is it?" and I got to have the moment I'd been waiting for when I said, "It's a boy!"

Afterwards we sat around on the couches drinking hot drinks (Milo) and eating chocolate (Mars bars!) to celebrate Elliot's birthday! Having him at home was such a great decision and I'm glad we stuck with it after having lots of negative feedback from my family.

Aren't our bodies wonderful? That they can nurture a child for 9 months and then do everything it needs to to get it out into the outside world?! So well designed! Yay for babies!

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