29 February 2012

I can tell I'm a full-time mother because...

in front of me is:
  • a pink plastic Ikea plate.
  • a toy camera.
  • directions to a recent play date.
  • a breakable souvenir from Turkey, sent by my sister (so it's out of the kids way).

next to me is:
  • the board from the Thomas board game.
  • a red hair ribbon.
  • 2 vintage little girl's dress patterns.
  • Dora the Explorer Go Fish card game.

I am:
  • trawling through interesting blogs while the kids all sleep.
  • tired. Very.
  • going through a mental list of all the housework and other jobs I need to get done.

I am not:
  • doing all the housework and other jobs that need to get done.
  • sleeping while the kids are.
  • preparing dinner. But I am thinking about preparing it. Does that count?

I am about to:
  • tiptoe down the hallway to use the toilet so I don't wake anyone up.
  • Flush the toilet later when everyone's awake. (I know, gross right? Wait till you have kids.)
  • go and fold a very large pile of washing, then go and put some more washing in the machine.
  • muster up my flagging energy to get something productive done. (Feeding, clothing, entertaining and disciplining children is not typically viewed by most as productive.)

It's a glamorous life, this mothering business!


  1. Hilarious Jess! Especially the part about flushing the toilet. I do that ALL THE TIME and when I read that I laughed so hard I thought I might have woken one of my kids!!!

  2. Ha ha ha, so glad I'm not the only one! Nice to have you over here - you're welcome any time! Have just been browsing around your blog. :) xx


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