18 February 2012

Op shop goodies!

Yesterday Rosie, Tristan and I ventured out to a big op shop a little bit north of where we live. Tristan - typical male - wasn't that into it. He slept through nearly the whole thing. (Which actually was really great.) Rosie enjoyed playing with her new car. In a moment of inspiration, I had bought a new toy car a few days before (one of those "$X when you spend $XX of petrol!" little things, but quite cool) and I'd tucked it straight into my handbag without revealing it to the kids for such a moment as a grumpy 2 year old who needs distracting. Voila! Happy Rosie.

I think I scored pretty good this time!
Aforementioned op-shop (thrift store, for any American readers) is one that is a tad more expensive than others, but there are still some bargains to be found.

Let me introduce you to my newest acquisitions.

A super-cute dress for Rosie.
 It's kind of old-fashioned, but I love the smocking and the embroidery details. It reminds me of a dress that I had when I was a little girl.

A new tie for Hayden.
Maybe it's me that's old-fashioned now (outdated?), but I am quite keen on paisley. In the right places, I think it's awesome.
  I used to have a pink and orange paisley skirt and it was beautiful. I miss that skirt... 

 Some fabric. It was hanging with the sheets, but it looks more like someone's just hemmed the top and bottom of a length of fabric to make it more sheet-y. It's hardly worn too. I think the pattern is quite sweet.
 Now to find the right project for it...

Shoes! I love shoes! Especially love the pattern on the inside of these ones.

Early in January, when I was trying to decide how I was going to spend my Christmas money, I remembered that before I had kids, I used to have lots of options for jewellery and I would ALWAYS be wearing cute shoes. So I decided I wanted to be that person again - cool jewellery, cute shoes. Just 'cause I'm a mama don't mean I gotta be plain!

I'm am not-very-eagerly anticipating the post-natal-hair-shedding-then-hair-regrowing-in-silly-short-sticky-uppy-bits-at-the-front phase that I will soon be entering. So I have a few scarves that I can use as headbands to tie over said sticky-uppy-bits to make it look like I'm just being cool, instead of trying not to look ridiculous.

See example of this phase after our first baby, Elliot, was born:
This is my newest addition to the scarf collection. It's a nice olive green at one end, fading to a lighter green at the other. Also, it's nice and thin so it won't be a huge bulk around my face or make my head hot. That's the plan, anyway.

These patterns I actually got from a different op shop on a different day, but they're so cute I wanted to show them to you! 50c each! I think they're very sweet.
I'm looking forward to making some for Rosie. If I make them soon enough, maybe I could make some cute ruffle-butt pants for her to wear underneath?

I also found a great pair of shorts for Elliot - still had their tag on them! $28 on the original tag, $4 at the op shop. Nice one. I would have had a picture to show you but they're in the washing machine, thanks to Mr Lazy-wee-in-my-pants-instead-of-the-toilet. Frustrating!

Anyway, I think this was a pretty successful trip to the op shop!
My Mum and my friend Renee will be so proud of me!

I'll try and get Sister to let me take a photo of her in her new dress at church tomorrow and post it up here.

What's your best op shop find? Any tips for novices like me?

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  1. I think having cute accessories is the perfect way for a 'mum' to create her own look and style. Do-able but stylish x love those finds


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