27 March 2012

A gift

Finally! A project I have started AND finished!

Our friends have just had their first baby - a gorgeous little girl.

Today I got to have squishy newborn cuddles with her!
I wanted to make her a gift, instead of buying one like I typically do.

I have a special embroidery that was done for me by a lady in our church (our organist, Mrs Brooks, for those who know her!) when I was born. It was up on the wall in my room when I was growing up, and it only came down when I moved out to get married! Somehow it never made it back on to my wall, but I'm determined to rehang it now... Here it is.

Anyway, so I thought I'd like to do a name embroidery for this beautiful girl. I did some Googling for inspiration. Really liked this one and ended up going mostly from this one and this one.

Now that I look at it, it looks very 'homemade' instead of 'handmade.'
I love the bunting, not so keen on the embroidery.
Doesn't matter I suppose, I hope she likes it - and that her Mum's not ashamed to hang it up somewhere!

And here is a sneak peak of the next project I'm working on...

26 March 2012

Lately we've been...

...enjoying a more focused and accountable Mama because I start my mornings like this now - before the kids are up! And that mug was full of delicious sweet, milky coffee...

...living in a toy-strewn house. But we're playing nicely!
 ...enjoying seeing my genetics coming out in my children. Curly-haired girls!

 ...having picnic dinners on the grass with our Friday Friends. (But we missed you, Watsons!)

 ...making lotsa sandwiches. Every day.

 ...watching this happy chubby-faced baby grow. He's delightful. (Apart from when he doesn't want to sleep. That's not so fun. Currently we are working our way through a list of solutions for an easy, relaxed evening, for they are few and far between at the moment!)

 ...teaching the children how to breastfeed... Well, this one's learning by observing Mummy.
FYI, I do not feed Tristan from my tummy button, as it appears my children think.

 ...enjoying our time playing outside. This day I was in stitches laughing at Elliot's expressions as he threw the ball in the air and attempted to catch it. Hilarious!

...crafting! Lately I feel like I've been so busy trying to keep our household functioning that I haven't had the time to put my craft hat on. But one morning last week, I was finished my devotion time and the kids still weren't awake, so I thought, "Quick, grab something out and start cutting!" So I did.
 The book I'm working from is my favourite crafting book. Sure, it's my only one, but I really like it! It's Wee Wonderfuls, by Hillary Lang. Check out her blog here. I am a pretty amateur crafter, I kinda fly by the seat of my pants most of the time. But every doll/softy in this book is not only super gorgeous and sweet, but I can make them all with no troubles! I'm making a girl version of this doll as a (very!) belated birthday present for a friend. (If said friend is reading this, hello! Just ignore this bit!)
Also, here are two headbands that I made for a present for Elliot and Rosie's little friend's 4th birthday. And yes, thank you to Elliot for being a superb model, my cool dude. He's awesome.

 ...attempting to start solids. Tristan isn't having a bar of it.

15 March 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday: Handmade

I like to take my Wardrobe Wednesday photos outside because our house has no blank walls or beautiful, light-filled spaces to work with. But it's raining today. (Well, it wasn't this morning, but now that both the younger kids are in bed and Elliot's at kindy and I have a chance to take some photos the rain has come to the party too.) I've attempted to compromise by using the covered deck!

 Please excuse the 2 day old hair and lack of chin...

 Yes, THOSE shoes! Told you they were my new favourite!

Shoes (most important goes first): K-mart
Stripey cardi: Millers
Singlet: ?? It is old...
Pants: From TradeMe - they were included in an enormous bag (and I mean enormous!) of stuff that cost me only the price of postage!

Well, I have yet to attempt to sew anything for myself to wear (I've made a few things for the kids!), but I'm heading more and more towards that goal. I need to stoke up some courage first, me thinks!
So here is the handmade part of my outfit. I bought the beads and the wire (tiger tail, 'tis called) and beaded my little heart out. This is still one of my favourite necklaces. It is similar to the one I wore on our wedding day - which I also made. Wanna see that one too?

Hmm, it's hard to see in this picture. It has three strings too, but they are spaced out and each bead is separate. And yes, I know, I look totally different now than I did on that day. Someone's even said, when looking at our wedding photos, that they didn't recognise me. But hey, I didn't have three gorgeous children then. And they make it all worth it.

 Trying to capture a shot of my necklace, making a ridiculous face and capturing that instead. It's a million laughs a minute 'round here!

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PS: The clasp of my necklace is broken. I have no idea what I did this morning when I put it on, but now I can't get it off...

02 March 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday (on Friday)

Yes, it's nearly Saturday. But still, by popular request (he he, thanks Zani!) here is my entry for Wardrobe Wednesday!

I only realised how similar my outfit this week is to the one from this week, but it's differences are they key!

 Leggings: Postie
Tunic/dress: Warehouse
Swing cardie: Millers
Shoes: K-mart

These shoes. These shoes! I LOVE them! I decree that they are gorgeous! I only just spied them on Tuesday when I was browsing shoes for Daughter and could not walk past them! They might just be my favourite shoes EVER. (And I have owned a lot of shoes in my time...)

 February's Love to Love You theme is really met this week in my jewellery. Every single piece of jewellery I am wearing was a gift from someone I love and who loves me. My diamond pendant is from my fabulous husband for my 21st birthday. The chain it hangs on is from my Mum - not the original chain, because it broke. :(   My earrings are hand-me-down of a sort from my Mum, who was given them by her only brother, my uncle. My heart padlock chain/bracelet (glimpsed in the photos above) was also from my Mum for my 21st birthday.
Hmmm, my Mum's given me a lot of jewellery... Lucky me!

And now for the funny part!  This week I'm heavy on the outtakes. I look ridiculous but I had to share them because they made me laugh!

This one is what happens when you set the timer and then spot a wasp on your chair but your brain says "strike a pose" as the timer goes off!

Wednesday evening I decided to grab some photos just as the sun was about to set, and I ended up wasting a whole bunch of time trying to get a jumping or leaping photo.
These are as close as I got:
 Channeling my inner ballerina...
(Look closely and you'll see that I'm concentrating hard enough to have my tongue out.)
 I'm a star!

Ha ha, what a lark!

Happy Wardrobe Wednesday (on a Friday) everyone!

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