27 March 2012

A gift

Finally! A project I have started AND finished!

Our friends have just had their first baby - a gorgeous little girl.

Today I got to have squishy newborn cuddles with her!
I wanted to make her a gift, instead of buying one like I typically do.

I have a special embroidery that was done for me by a lady in our church (our organist, Mrs Brooks, for those who know her!) when I was born. It was up on the wall in my room when I was growing up, and it only came down when I moved out to get married! Somehow it never made it back on to my wall, but I'm determined to rehang it now... Here it is.

Anyway, so I thought I'd like to do a name embroidery for this beautiful girl. I did some Googling for inspiration. Really liked this one and ended up going mostly from this one and this one.

Now that I look at it, it looks very 'homemade' instead of 'handmade.'
I love the bunting, not so keen on the embroidery.
Doesn't matter I suppose, I hope she likes it - and that her Mum's not ashamed to hang it up somewhere!

And here is a sneak peak of the next project I'm working on...


  1. I've got a cross-stitch just like yours, except different name (obviously!) and slightly different girl, but same style. She graced my wall all those years while growing up, but like yours, hasn't found her way to my wall now. Will rehang someday...


    1. My sister has one too. I wonder how many of us from church all have one?

  2. That's such a cute little embroidery you made Jess! And I have a cross stitch like that too, but made by mum, obviously those patterns were very popular :)

  3. I think it is gorgeous. I would be thrilled to receive something like this.

  4. Jess, that vintage piece is beautiful as is the modern one you have made. Handmade is so much better!

    xo em

    1. Thanks Em! Man, I'm so honoured that you read my humble little blog. You're, like, famous! I think you're awesome. My husband turns around when I'm reading over at The Beetle Shack - I'm usually laughing out loud or loudly agreeing with your words. Love it. xx


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