15 March 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday: Handmade

I like to take my Wardrobe Wednesday photos outside because our house has no blank walls or beautiful, light-filled spaces to work with. But it's raining today. (Well, it wasn't this morning, but now that both the younger kids are in bed and Elliot's at kindy and I have a chance to take some photos the rain has come to the party too.) I've attempted to compromise by using the covered deck!

 Please excuse the 2 day old hair and lack of chin...

 Yes, THOSE shoes! Told you they were my new favourite!

Shoes (most important goes first): K-mart
Stripey cardi: Millers
Singlet: ?? It is old...
Pants: From TradeMe - they were included in an enormous bag (and I mean enormous!) of stuff that cost me only the price of postage!

Well, I have yet to attempt to sew anything for myself to wear (I've made a few things for the kids!), but I'm heading more and more towards that goal. I need to stoke up some courage first, me thinks!
So here is the handmade part of my outfit. I bought the beads and the wire (tiger tail, 'tis called) and beaded my little heart out. This is still one of my favourite necklaces. It is similar to the one I wore on our wedding day - which I also made. Wanna see that one too?

Hmm, it's hard to see in this picture. It has three strings too, but they are spaced out and each bead is separate. And yes, I know, I look totally different now than I did on that day. Someone's even said, when looking at our wedding photos, that they didn't recognise me. But hey, I didn't have three gorgeous children then. And they make it all worth it.

 Trying to capture a shot of my necklace, making a ridiculous face and capturing that instead. It's a million laughs a minute 'round here!

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PS: The clasp of my necklace is broken. I have no idea what I did this morning when I put it on, but now I can't get it off...


  1. That necklace is really really pretty. Go on and make yourself something, its so satisfying and there are heaps of tutorials around for easy clothing projects. Ask Mr Google :)

  2. I adore your WW posts they are always so fun and let's faced it that's what it's supposed to be about. Love it! Great necklaces too.

  3. Hilarious! Heard you in a special mention on sailor spy. Love your post! :)

    1. Thanks Sophie! Nice to meet you. (Now I'm going to go investigate your blog! He he!)


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