02 March 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday (on Friday)

Yes, it's nearly Saturday. But still, by popular request (he he, thanks Zani!) here is my entry for Wardrobe Wednesday!

I only realised how similar my outfit this week is to the one from this week, but it's differences are they key!

 Leggings: Postie
Tunic/dress: Warehouse
Swing cardie: Millers
Shoes: K-mart

These shoes. These shoes! I LOVE them! I decree that they are gorgeous! I only just spied them on Tuesday when I was browsing shoes for Daughter and could not walk past them! They might just be my favourite shoes EVER. (And I have owned a lot of shoes in my time...)

 February's Love to Love You theme is really met this week in my jewellery. Every single piece of jewellery I am wearing was a gift from someone I love and who loves me. My diamond pendant is from my fabulous husband for my 21st birthday. The chain it hangs on is from my Mum - not the original chain, because it broke. :(   My earrings are hand-me-down of a sort from my Mum, who was given them by her only brother, my uncle. My heart padlock chain/bracelet (glimpsed in the photos above) was also from my Mum for my 21st birthday.
Hmmm, my Mum's given me a lot of jewellery... Lucky me!

And now for the funny part!  This week I'm heavy on the outtakes. I look ridiculous but I had to share them because they made me laugh!

This one is what happens when you set the timer and then spot a wasp on your chair but your brain says "strike a pose" as the timer goes off!

Wednesday evening I decided to grab some photos just as the sun was about to set, and I ended up wasting a whole bunch of time trying to get a jumping or leaping photo.
These are as close as I got:
 Channeling my inner ballerina...
(Look closely and you'll see that I'm concentrating hard enough to have my tongue out.)
 I'm a star!

Ha ha, what a lark!

Happy Wardrobe Wednesday (on a Friday) everyone!

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  1. LOVE. your. shoes! They are awesome! And the bloopers - they are pretty cool too. (And yes I promise the wrap dress is easy - first thing I ever sewed for myself) :) Jenny

  2. Ha ha I love the way you model it's awesome. I am inspired. Those shoes are awesome and the stories behind each piece of jewellery too

  3. Dare you to try a jumping shot Miriam! ;)


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