20 April 2012

Today I'm...

...planning on only doing what's necessary to keep the household ticking over (wiping benches, putting away toys, folding laundry, preparing dinner, that sort of stuff) so that I can get some more exciting things done!

After I've finished helping Rosie put her puzzles away in a moment, I'm going to get started on finishing stripping the wallpaper in Tristan's room. This may not sound like a very exciting job, but I'm so looking forward to having a clean, fresh finish in there. I started stripping the wallpaper in there when it was still Rosie's room. Elliot and Rosie have been sharing for just over a year now...

One day we think it will revert back to Rosie's room and the boys can share, so for the moment I'll choose a paint colour that can go either way - neutral enough for now, but when wall hangings etc are added it will still look girly enough. My inspiration will come from the colours on the curtains I sewed many moons ago.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

...going to get some crafting done!
We have a family birthday party tomorrow so I'll be sewing a couple of presents. Yes, I know, I'm awesome at leaving things to the last minute. It's one of my greatest talents.

One present will be for this beautiful little lady, our niece, Cleo. Her birthday was last month. Normally if I forget, we just move on. But I didn't forget, I just got real busy and we didn't see her on her birthday. Plus, what I have planned is gonna be real cute!

Next will be a cool little something for my awesome sister-in-law (one of the three - they'll all awesome really!), Heidi.

She helpfully provided me with a list of a few things she'd like (so great!) so we picked one and I'm going to sew her up a little something to go with it.
I'm pretty excited! I'm going to try the whole matching-mis-matchy-ness thing.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

'Nuff said! Time to get cracking!
See you on the other side, hopefully with a blog post to follow up.
(You know me, every time I promise a blog post about something it doesn't usually happen...)

Have a great day!

Love, Jess

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