11 April 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday: Inspired by #2

Well, I was sitting here in these
 My awesome track pants and an equally pill-y top...

But after reading through the earlier WW posts for today and having some of what I call "Pinterest time out" (= put the kids to bed and browse Pinterest instead of doing housework), I was inspired!

Because we're having an at-home day today, I decided I would get out a dress and glam it up a bit, put some heels on and be a bit ridiculous. I even put on a REAL bra! (Pffft, saggy maternity bras are not my friend.) However, I forgot the lippy. Oh well!

Here are the pins I was browsing.
 Photo sources

Please don't raise your expectations too high now!
I am not - and doubt I will ever be! - the size of the girls in these pictures (which is fine - my husband wouldn't recognise me!) and I am infinitely less glamorous!

I grabbed one of the dresses I own that I can still wear and decided to be a bit daring!

 Ha ha, I tried to do a close-up of the shoes - my trusty red stilettos who have never been worn out of the house but who I love still - but my legs weren't coming to the party. You can only hide so much right? ;)

Headscarf to tame my crazy hair.

Love the print of this dress!

And the sleeves - love the way they flow.

Dress: Glassons
Singlet: Glassons
Headscarf: thrifted
Shoes: No 1 Shoe Warehouse (so long ago it was still in the old DEKA building in the middle of town!)
I won't even mention the various shapewear I poured myself into in a vain attempt to look more flattering...

I usually wear this dress with leggings and a cardigan. I think one of my next purchases needs to be a belt because I think that would top off the outfit.

So, a bit of a crazy Wardrobe Wednesday for me this week!
Promise I'll be a bit more realistic next week! 

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PS: Update from last week - turned out to be a blocked duct, not a full-blown infection, and I felt much better the next day and all good the day after. :)

PPS: Husband just read my post and decided that by my post's title, I am inspired by poos. And last week I was inspired by wees. Yes, he really is a grown up man, not a little boy. (Sometimes I wonder...) I am assuming you realise that I mean this is number 2 of the posts with the theme of Inspired By...


  1. OH You look gorgeous! Squeal!!! This is exactly what Wardrobe Wednesday is all about. Yes, yes, yes - big red belt would look fab, and I think you are rocking that whole headscarf thing.

    Nin xx

  2. Hehe, I love your style of presenting these! Did you stay in the dress for the day? Love the look. You're right, a belt would do great! And nice to see you without leggings! These days i feel so naked in a dress without leggings but MAN! So sexy without them! ;)

    1. Thanks Sophie! I was a bit of a cheat and didn't stay in that outfit - it was hard to bend (shapewear's great, but impractical!) and I needed to BF my Snuggly Baby. I love wearing leggings - so easy for small-person-chasing - but you're right, it's nice without them!

  3. Oh yes you are so rocking it out. Love your WW posts and that is a great combo. I love headscarves but never seem to manage to make them look good or keep them in place..... you look GREAT!

    1. Thanks Miriam! That's one of the reasons I love having shorter hair - I can work the headscarf look!

  4. I agree - you're totally working it! (and your legs do look super fab in those heels! I have leg envy!)

    1. Ha ha, thanks Rhiannon! You made me laugh out loud and clap my hands!

  5. Work that camera! Love your wearable twist on the seemingly impractical clothes in the pics. Geweldig!

  6. LOOKING absolutely FAB
    I so want to try a dress with no leggings but waaaaa am I that brave

    1. Dooooooooo it Cat! I dare you. (Though, it probably would have been a different story for me if I was actually going out of the house!)

  7. You look gorgeous! Love the whole outfit!


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