13 April 2012

We're going on a holiday!

We're all pretty excited at our house today - we have a family reunion this weekend!

Weeda family unite!

We'll be picking up Elliot from kindy at 12pm, grabbing a special lunch from the bakery and heading out to the beach to make more memories like this:

 Ah, the days when trackpants and t-shirts were considered fashion...
Me and Casey

 So stinkin' cute! Libby and Stephanie get ready for a slide.
This was during my bad hair, curl denial phase...
L-R Libby, me, Stephanie

 This little stunner (my cousin, Libby!) is now a gorgeous young woman in her first year of medical school in Perth!

 This is me and Opa at the Hamilton Lake 20+ years ago.
(That makes me feel a wee bit old!)

 Casey, me and Sarah at our cousin Miriam's wedding. Early 2000's, I think?

 Quality bath time at Oma and Opa's photo. No family is complete without one.
L-R Sarah, me, Daniel, Caleb

In this space I nearly put a photo from 'that' photo shoot in Paeroa. But I just couldn't do it. What were we thinking? Remember that one Casey, Tash and Sarah?

 Again with the cuteness! A trip to the Wellington Botanical Gardens.
L-R Me, Casey, Casey's dimples, Sarah, Sam, Sam's grin, Tash

 Pretty sure this was after a trip to Waingaro Hot Pools, a staple of our family trips!
L-R Tim, Casey, Sarah, me, Matt, Natasha
My goodness we look so young!

 Some party or other at our house
L-R Sarah, Tim, me

 This one was taken at Oma and Opa's 50th wedding anniversary party.
Here are every single one of our cousins. Now 6 of us are married and there are 11 second cousins (great-grandchildren) - instead of just the one on Oma's lap!

A family road trip. Mum told me where it was recently and I've forgotten again...
L-R Me, Casey, Natasha

So many memories! We have had some awesome extended family times over the years!

I must get back to packing - we're leaving in an hour and I'm not even close!
I've made sure to pack multiple spare sets of batteries for the camera because I want to capture this weekend for sure.

Happy weekend everyone!

Love, Jess

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