31 May 2012

DIY: Re-purposed Pinboard Jewellery Organiser

I LOVE browsing the blogoshpere for fun and inspiring tutorials on how to make cool stuff, easily. Seriously, if I could get paid to do it, I would stop sleeping at night (you know, so I could still raise my kids during the day). Anyway, so I created one of my own! Eeeeeee!

Now, I'm 100% sure it's been done before, but I did it my way and thought I'd share it with you lovely people.

The idea was born of a few things:
1. A serious bedroom tidy up, including the discovery of an old, unused pinboard in the back of the wardrobe.
2. A new-found desire to own more jewellery-type accessories.
3. A messy, unorganised personality (mine!) craving some order.

My jewellery storage system was this:

A beautiful box my Mama gave me, but still messy.

And this:

A green plastic bin that I just hadn't gotten around to carrying down to the bedroom.
(You know, those giant elephants?)

So, a few days ago (or was it weeks? I know that pin board's been chillin' in my dining room for a bit now...), I put two and two together... and got a re-purposed pinboard jewellery organiser!

Here's how I did it.

Take an old pinboard (or a new one! It doesn't really matter I suppose), preferably with a wooden frame.

Take some fabric.

I chose this fabric for two reasons:
1.) It's slightly stretchy, which served me well when I wanted it to be pulled tight and flat across the surface of the pinboard, and it's slightly forgiving. Having said that, fabric without a stretch would work just as well.
2.) Although you can't see it very well in the picture, the colour is a nice neutral-ish green grey colour which I knew would be a good background for my jewellery, to enable me to see it all without loosing any of it in a print.

Cut the fabric with a decent allowance around the edge of your pinboard. I used about 2in.

I'm not a very accurate measurer, so I preferred this method. Alternatively, you could measure the size of your pinboard, add on an allowance and then cut your fabric using a measuring tape or cutting board.

Fold the fabric once, then again over to the back of the pinboard and, using a staple gun, staple it to the wooden edge. This way you have a neat back and your fabric shouldn't fray back to your staples.

(Don't look too closely at my wonky staples! It took me a few goes (okay, more than a few) to get the technique down. It's been a while...
Speaking of staple guns, who remembers Mr Foster shooting at us with a staple gun as we tried to leave the classroom? Anyone?)

When you get to the corner, be extra careful to hold the fabric in the right place as you ready it to be stapled. I just folded it nice and square without trimming any of the fabric and still got lovely pointed corners.

Be careful not to staple your finger as you're holding your fabric in place!

Et voila! Your very own re-purposed pinboard jewellery organiser!

I used small silver pins from the dollar store to hang my earrings, necklaces and bracelets on.

You can see I haven't yet hung it on the wall... That would be the next step in the tutorial!

And now it's so very easy to choose my jewellery. These days it's a quick process from choosing my outfit to a speedy perusal of my jewellery board to out the door with the babes!

Why don't you try it?
Leave me a comment or email me a photo if
you make one too - I'd love to see it!



  1. Love it Jess, it's beautiful too!

  2. This is pretty darn brilliant!! I think one day I'm going to need to do this!

    AND it acts as a pretty wall piece for your room! Win win

  3. If I had more jewellery I'd probably do it. I tend not to wear much as the babies tug on it, or chew it. My mum would probably like to see me wearing nice things more often though.

  4. I wouldn't be surprised if this gets more use now than it ever did before doing the project. I think every girl needs a pinboard for their jewelry or photos. My sister did a similar project couple years ago. She might need a new one though, we'll try your design. http://www.vistavisuals.com.au


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