25 May 2012

In Real Life This Week

Well. All in all it's been a pretty eventful week.

In an attempt to not let the waiting game take over my life, I shall update you all on the day-to-day goings-on at our place.

I have been eating very carefully this week. Not because I am dieting - in fact, this week's been a bit the opposite! (Must make some changes next week...) No, instead it is because I have a massive mouth ulcer just inside my lower lip that is causing me AGONY! Okay, maybe I'm being a bit dramatic (definitely a bit dramatic) because it most certainly isn't life-threatening, but it is for sure the most painful ulcer I have ever had, and that is not an exaggeration! Yikes! So I've been salt rinsing and that's helped. I tried Bonjela but it stung like mad and the numbness only lasted 5 mins so I've given up on that. Soldiering on - it can't last forever!

Baby Tristan is having some good sleep nights, following on from some not-so-good ones last week. Overall, I am feeling better for having less interrupted sleep.

However, I have been a little un-self-controlled in going to bed on time so am still tired! This morning I woke up, thinking it was the middle of the night, lay there with my hand on Hayden's leg (my hot water bottle!) just getting ready to roll over and go back to sleep when the alarm goes off. Noooooooooo! So disappointing!

Elliot is growing and learning so much at the moment - I can tell because he is testing the boundaries to see what we'll do. That, and asking a hundred of the most random questions every time I do or say something! A conversation with Elliot will often go something like this:

E: How is there bread on the grass Mummy?
Me: Do you mean how or do you mean why?
E: How.
Me: Papa threw it out there.
E: How did Papa throw it out there?
Me: Do you mean how or do you mean why?
E: How.
Me: He opened the door, took it out of the bag and threw it on the grass for the birdies.
E: (Pause) How did Papa throw it out there?
 Me: Do you mean how or do you mean why?
E: Why.
Me: Because it had gone yucky. Too yucky for us too eat.
E: How did it go yucky?

And so the saga continues. I am currently trying to teach him the difference between how and why... I just love Elliot's inquisitive nature - though yes, it is tiring - and I love seeing him soaking up information like a sponge. And he remembers it all too! He has an amazing mind - like his Papa. It really makes me see how important it is to teach him as much as I can about Jesus. A relationship with Jesus needs to be part of the framework he's learning about his world now, otherwise it won't be when he grows.

Tell me, what do you do with your kids to teach them about what you believe and how important it is?

Speaking of my beautiful boy, his birthday is coming up next month! We've chosen a green and red apple theme - his favourite colours (especially green) and favourite fruit. (He even has his own apple tree in our back garden.) I have some cute fabric from Spotlight:

I will make Elliot and Tristan both a tie or bow tie to wear and Rosie a dress or tunic. Pretty excited about this! I've been searching the Internet World (it's real, right?) for inspiration for party decorations. It needs to be simple but effective, for I tend to leave things to the last minute, so I know I'll need it to be easy! Elliot wanted to invite two of his little friends from kindy, which Hayden and I think is so cool. It's wonderful to see him becoming his own little person and making friends without our help. I can't believe he's already that grown up! Where did my baby go?!

Well, I think this post is long enough now, so I will consider you up to date! I'm looking forward to our weekend - tonight we're watching the American Idol finale (I know, aren't we ridiculous?! But it's like a date - we watch together.) so I've been staying offline a little to not find out who won because it aired in the States last night.
Yes, I know. You can call me ridiculous if you want to. Go on. I know you want to.

Anyway, we'll also be watching soccer (some of the school teams as well as our nephew's game), then our good friend's birthday celebrations (that's you, Watson's!), catching up with Mum and Paul as well as church on Sunday! Busy! But good busy.

Stay classy.


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