09 May 2012

WW - Remix #1

It took me a whole week (two, really) of thought to decide which item of my clothing I'm going to remix this month. "One garment four ways." Sometimes it feels like I'm always wearing variations of the same clothes yet it was surprisingly difficult to come up with one thing to 'officially' remix! I'm a bit boring and settled on some black leggings.

Capturing my photos this week was a pretty funny exercise!

  Please excuse my strange facials...

These self-timered beauties were the result of setting the camera on a chair on the deck and then racing down the ramp and around past the washing line to get in the right place in time!

Then Rosie decided to let all the neighbors hear how loudly she can protest at not being where she wanted to be, and Elliot (nearly 4) was my star photographer.

"Look at ME, Mummy!"

Outfit breakdown
Cardi: Glassons
Red dress: Warehouse
Belt: Warehouse
Leggings: Postie
Shoes: Kmart

You'll notice that I found myself a belt! On sale, $5 instead of $15 at the Warehouse! Real leather and a cute little buckle. My first belt purchase and I quite like it. Now I just have to be brave enough to wear it out! Here we go...

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Stay classy,



  1. You look stunning Jess - the belt is great - it really does draw attention to your tiny waist

  2. I agree the belt is fantastic it makes your waist look teeny and your bust look very impressive! Love it and I almost took a photo of my set up the other day - coffee table, on top of couch with books balanced on top!! Love the red on you too and those leggings are a perfect length on your lovely legs

  3. but why wouldn't you wear it out?? it looks TOTALLY fab.
    (isn't it funny (silly) what we often think stands out like neon lights, but no one else really notices...?)
    looking great :)

    1. That's exactly right Dee - because I've never done the belt thing I think that everyone will be staring at it as if it were highlighter yellow!
      But thanks! :)

  4. You look great, love the red dress, the colour is gorgeous on you! And love the belt, that looks awesome!


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