04 May 2012

Slow and steady

Things have been slow and steady round these parts lately.

Mama's been a little flat.
Papa's been pretty busy.
Big kids have been alternating between playing so beautifully together it makes me melt into a pile of squishy goop and headbutting against our expectations of obedience so hard I'm amazed their heads aren't flat.
Baby's been cutting his first tooth.


Thankfully, we've had a good few days of gorgeous sunshine - what a gift! - and it has kept me from going slowly insane.

I've been struck by how much of what I do is a mental game. I see the beauty in my children at every corner: how they are precious gifts, truly given to me by God. And yet, I also see how frustrating they can be and how angry they can make me! But - and this is what I mean when I say it's a mental game - it needs to be about taking control of my attitude and turning it towards the positive. Remembering that in the midst of the frustration and Grumpy Mummy Syndrome that I am the one who controls my thoughts. That I must CONSTANTLY "take captive every thought and make it obedient to Christ." (2 Corinthians 10:5)

My children are not trying to make me angry. They are trying to learn. My response is what teaches them. If I come to them with frustration for having to answer the most random question I have ever heard for the 56th time that hour, they will learn not to value curiosity and inquisitiveness or seek knowledge. If I respond with my own anger at having to discipline for the same issue we've been trying to sort out for the longest time, they will learn that it's okay to yell and scream when you are frustrated.

Maybe my problem is that I've been praying for patience... :) I've always considered it to be a dangerous prayer - pray for patience and you'll get situations requiring patience! Practice makes perfect, after all. Every morning I sit with God and ask for His strength this day, because I know for sure that mothering is something that needs supernatural power. Praise God that He sees us and knows us. Praise Him most of all that He still loves us!

Stay cool.

Love, Jess


  1. Love that last photo -adorable and Oh yeah I need to hear those words you wrote!

    1. It's tough huh?! And that photo makes me smile every time.

  2. So true, Jess! A lesson I have to keep learning over and over again!

    Have you read Loving the Little Years by Rachel Jankovic? I highly recommend it if you haven't -- it's great for helping one get that attitude back on track.

    PS. You have seriously cute kids!

    1. Yes, I have read that one. It's fantastic. I intend to read it again very soon - highlighter in hand!

      I think my kids are pretty cute too - but I would say that wouldn't I?! They are very precious.


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