16 May 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday: Remix #2

It's Wednesday today, what does that mean?

Is it the day I clean my toilet? No! (Though I probably should...)
Is it the day I drive my husband to work? No!
Is it the day I do 100 sit ups? No! (Though I definitely should!)

Wardrobe Wednesday is about  "the idea of using fashion as a means of personal expression; exploring and developing a signature style that reflects who we really are, for fun and play and being joyful in our everyday lives... The purpose of [WW] is simply to take a little time to celebrate what it is to be a women, to inspire each other, to explore fashion and style, to have a little fun and above all not to take ourselves too seriously dharrlings!"

This month's theme is Remix: one garment, worn each week with a different spin on it.

Trying my hardest not to look pregnant. Because I'm not. Trust me, I would know.

My remixed garment is a terribly exiting pair of black leggings.
I have to be practical - it's sometimes cold and sometimes warm at the moment so I can go either way with these, I'm still breastfeeding Master T so dresses don't work for us, and I'm also a touch on the chubby side (well, more than a touch, but we don't need to go into detail!) so leggings are good - comfortable and just clinging on to the edges of styled-ness - for me right now!

This week I've paired my leggings with one of my favourite skirts, my super-warm ug boots and a trusty warm merino top.

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 Getting my crazy-quirky-silly on:

 Outfit breakdown:

Singlet: Jay Jays - back in the day when I was pregnant with Elliot!
Merino top: Warehouse
Green skirt: Thrifted (Principals)
Leggings: Glassons
Ug Boots: Old Friend brand, Collins Family Footwear. 7 years ago!

Excuse the garage, assorted tools and hardware and children's toys in the backgrounds. Gives that 'lived-in' look, don't you think?

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Stay classy,



  1. I love your fun posing! and the colours of your skirt, matching in beautifully with your landscape there :)

    1. Ha ha, thanks Widge! Yes, I got inside to look at my photos and realised I was blending in a bit! I can pretend it was deliberate... ;)

  2. Love the skirt Jess. It's very you!

    1. Thanks Jo! I love it too - one of my best op-shop finds yet!

  3. I love the green print skirt and the cheeky look over your shoulder in the first shot!!

    1. Ha ha, thanks Nin! That's me - cheeky chops!

  4. Cute Jess! Love your confidence and you DON'T look chubby at all!

  5. I always laugh in your posts, always you are so funny. Love this combo. Also think it is a great shape on you - looking very sexy!

    1. Eeep! Sexy? Thanks! *blushes* Yes, I do love this skirt. I like it's length and shape a lot. And it's different - I've never really seen anything like it.

  6. you're adorable - will you be my WW posing coach, please?

    1. I'd be honored Dee - though you hardly need a coach, you stylish thing you! My coaching session would go something like this, "Think of the most random thing you can do... and... do it... now!"


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