30 May 2012

WW: Remix, the finale.

The last remix of the month today.

I actually wore something different when I was out this morning, thinking I looked pretty good. Then I caught a reflection of myself when I was getting the washing in and realised I wasn't looking as good as I thought! So on came the next outfit. I think it's just a bad day today, because I'm not particularly pleased with how these photos turned out! Oh well, that's not what Wardrobe Wednesday's about is it?!

Today we have:Cardigan: Glassons
Tunic: From my cousin, Rebecca. (Thanks Rebecca!)
White long-sleeve top (underneath): Thrifted (Country Road!)
Leggings: Postie
Boots: Farmers (50% off last week!)

Here's a close up of the print and detail of the tunic. I really like it.

A photo of me that I DID like today:
Nothing beats a bit of mascara and a small smile. A good hair day helps too! :)

Here are my remixes from earlier in the month:
(I missed a few. If you've read my blog around my WW posts you'll see that I have a lot going on right now!)

In other news, today I signed myself up for a 4 week fitness boot camp. Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 6-7am, all of June. I'm excited for the results, but have a feeling that 5 minutes in to the first session I will be regretting my decision... This kick-start is just what I need though! Stay tuned to see how it goes!

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Until next time,


  1. I love that first photo - yah for 1/2 price boots. I full appreciate you have a lot going, thank you for sharing with us today lovely. x

    1. I do miss my WW friends when I don't join in! :)Totally yay for 1/2 price boots - I've worn them nearly every day since I bought them!

  2. That tunic is pretty! Often my photos don't out great ... today I was suprised to get some that worked considering the sun kept making the exposure too bright and I was trying to go quick to avoid the eyes of my nosey neighbour!

    1. Ah, the nosey neighbour... I'm always trying to tiptoe over the deck so they don't hear me running backwards and forwards to reset the self-timer. Oh the things we do!

  3. Another great combo I love the self portrait - great smizing! - very exciting about the kick start too - I could do with something like that my eating and exercise are not the picture of perfection at the moment!

    1. That's the problem - my eating and exercising have not been the picture of perfection for far too long! I'm looking forward to doing something positive about it!

  4. You're so pretty! Such clear and lovely skin! Loving your hair too.
    I'm a little jealous of your bootcamp, I must confess. It is my fave way to exercise but the only one I can find here is at a time I can't do. Let us know how you get on!

    1. Aw, thanks. :) Yes, I was having a particularly good hair day today! ;) I like those days! I'm nervously excited about this boot camp. It's actually free! A gym not far from our house is putting it on. It's at a bit of an awkward time, but it's just too good for me to pass up so I'm just going to do my best to make it work. Be sure I'll be blogging how absolutely exhausted I am!


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