05 June 2012

Domestic Bliss?

While I always try to be honest and open about life as a 'stay at home' mother and it's blessings and challenges, sometimes things just fall in to place and I can pretend I'm one of those people with a picturesque life!

Take this afternoon, for example.

A roaring fire.

Lights on at 4pm.

Mark Knoppfler's Golden Heart playing in the background.

One of my go-to chill out music choices.

Just me and the happy baby.

Middle girl sleeping, big boy at kindy.

Nice warm merino pants on.
(Read: Feel like track pants but look like classy pants.)

Craft supplies (and afternoon tea!) out, getting ready for next week's birthday.

There's a lot going on around here at the moment. I won't write it all down because that would be counter-productive. Suffice to say my brain is pretty full!

This afternoon was a bit cathartic really. Quite lovely.

Until tomorrow,

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