13 June 2012

Happy 4th birthday!

My son,
my first born,

my child,

is four years old today.

L-R: 13 June 2009, 2010, 2011.

As I sat down to write this post I just started bawling my eyes out with pure gratitude to our great God for making this precious little boy. And not just for making him, but for giving him to me! That God would create this beautiful little person and then entrust him to our care just blows my mind. (Excuse me while I just go and wipes my eyes and sort myself out...)

Elliot is such a joy. Such a joy. If you could mix a hurricane and a ray of sunshine together then that's what he'd be. He races through life shouting and stomping and jumping and shines while he laughs and talks and sings and loves.

I am constantly amazed by Elliot and the things he can do. Sometimes I forget he's not a baby any more (I know. Silly, right?) so then when he does something like put his socks and shoes on all by himself, sing a song in the car - word perfect, or figure out how many more onions I need in the bag to make 6 (it was 2), I am just a little bit flummoxed. Only for a moment, because I see him growing right in front of me so I know he's capable of these things, but still, there is a teensy bit of flummoxing going on all the time.

There are so many things I love about this boy.

I love how he sings so much! He makes up little songs about what we are going to do today, or how much fun he's having. And he really listens to the music we play in the car (so now I am very careful what we listen to!) so that now he can sing all of the songs on one of our kid's music CD's (the one he got for his birthday last year, thanks Auntie Paula!) and big chunks of the Bullfrogs and Butterflies CD's we have. He sang to me in the car this morning and it made me smile.

I love how he helps his sister and brother. Rosie drops something off the table and Elliot quickly pipes up with, "I'll get it for you, Rosie!" And he climbs off his own chair, scrambles around the table, picks whatever it is up and hands it back to her with a, "Here you are, Rosie!" Gorgeous. And she sometimes remembers to say thank you. :) Then when Tristan is being a cheeky monkey and getting too close to the fire place, Elliot knows he is allowed to take him carefully by the hands or feet and drag him away "to keep you safe, Tristan." He also likes to help me teach Tristan where he's not allowed to go with his now-4-year-old stern voice, "No Tristan, no. No, no." Very sweet.

Elliot's not that into drawing and painting, but he is amazing with numbers - like his Papa - and he likes to play outside in the sandpit. Every kindy day he comes home with shoes so full of sand that we could refill our sandpit by now! He also really likes games, both board and computer. Though I think he'd have square eyes by now, if I let him play and watch as much as he wanted!

I am so aware of my own failings when it comes to raising Elliot. I am so conscious of the fact that I am only human and all that means, and yet God has given Elliot to Hayden and me in trust that we will be His hands and feet in bringing up this boy. I am grateful that God's mercies are new every morning and His faithfulness is great. I am thankful that God is in control of my life and Elliot's.

There is a song by Brooke Fraser, one of my favourite artists, on her album Albertine, called Seeds. It began to play as I began to write this post. The lyrics of the chorus go like this:

What will you live to do?
What have I left for you?
What will we leave behind?

They made me think. The only thing I want for Elliot, what I pray about every day, is that God would one day bring Elliot home to Himself. That in his life, God would make himself known to Elliot. That Elliot will desire God more than he desires anything else. That Elliot's faith will move mountains. That he will love God the most. I pray that God would raise Elliot up to be a man after His own heart. (There I go, bawling again.) Because I don't care what Elliot lives to do, so long as he does it to give glory to God. As long as Elliot takes the talents God has given him and uses them to serve God and so those He put on Earth with Elliot, it doesn't matter if he becomes a butcher, a baker, a candlestick maker or anything in between.

Elliot, my prayer for you is that you will live out your life always knowing how much your God has done for you. Always having a sense of utmost gratitude for your life, here and in eternity.

I love you so much, my son, my first born, my child.

Love from your Mummy.


  1. congrats jess!! happy birthday elliot :D You are such a great mum, pretty inspiring to say the least. Hope you all have a really lovely day

  2. Print this off for him to read one day, Jess! Your blessing over Elliot this day will keep blessing him as he grows.

    P.S. Auntie-gift FTW. Woot.

  3. happy birthday. I have my own 2008 baby and it was a GREAT batch!!! Love the things you want for him - me too!

  4. Oh *sob* what a powerful post - I do hope you remember to show him some day. I popped by to ask you for your contact email - can you email me, so I can email you back? Just if you have the time - and if not I won't be offended in the slightest! Nin@sailorspy.co.nz


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