20 June 2012

Today I'm...


I had to chop my head off today - I was not working the self-timer mojo. The one on the right was slightly better... Slightly. I really love this top/tunic. It's made from a knit fabric which makes it lovely and warm and comfortable. The colour makes my eyes look really green, which I like. I also love the print, that it's a little bit out of the ordinary. Possibly not a great placement while I battle the Post Baby Belly Bulge, but never mind! Also, I am beginning to realise how ridiculously enormous my three-times-breastfeeding-boobs are. Not enjoying that so much.

These are some of my favourite shoes too - practical but still good-looking!

Green top: Shanton (many moons ago)
White lace singlet: Reach 17
Pants: TradeMe
Shoes: The Warehouse

Joining in here

Wardrobe Wednesday at SailorSpy.co.nz


...doing much really. I have a massive crick in my neck which is pretty sore.

pic source

I'm also not eating caramel straight out of the tin. Promise.

Drooling Over...

These beautiful Bible verse prints from Jessi Connolly from Naptime Diaries. Go check 'em out. I think I'll choose one for my birthday next month...

Ruth 1:16 8x10 print Job 33:4 8x10 print Come Thou Fount Proverbs 31:28

Looking Forward To...

...going to a formal dinner on Friday night. It's a fundraiser for the school my husband teaches at (and that our children will most likely be going to - unless I suddenly become awesome at homeschooling) to raise funds for building a hall/gymnasium. I'm looking forward to the opportunity to get glammed up. Slightly depressing is the exercise of finding something to wear. (See aforementioned PBB Bulge and asset problem.) If any of you out there have something fabulous in my size I could borrow, do let me know!


Right, must stop neglecting the children now and finish up here. Also, I promise I will write next about how my boot camp is going!

Love y'all!



  1. Poor poor you with the neck. :( Have to say I love that tunic - the colour and the retro print!

  2. Cute outfit! Hope the next recovers and you find a fabulous dress for your event!

  3. I love the crooked neck picture. I am sure your boobs are not that huge! Mine are enormous! Went from a C cup to an F cup pre to post pregnancy. Don't know of you own a pant suit, but if you do you can glam it up with a patent (or shiny) heels and a shiny camisole for you dinner. Or a little black dress??? Just some inspiration for you if you own any of these things (P.S I don't as I don't attend may formal events).

  4. Wear some great pants and a fitted jacket with just a bra!!! No one will be critical about the boobs!! He he he. You look great in that tunic - super shape on you. Shoulders back chest proud girl - it's the best way to wear boobs. xx


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