17 July 2012

Lately We've Been...

I feel good today. That is worth remarking upon, because I haven't really felt as such lately. I think the goodness is a combination of sunshine after rain, being back in our term-time routine, getting some exercise and my sister taking the big kids out for a couple of hours this morning.

Mum's health situation is - praise God! - looking much more positive than it was a few weeks ago. Just over two weeks ago, she was dying. Literally. We sat together late one night and planned her funeral. But somehow, my mind refused to grasp hold of the fact that it looked like she was slipping away. Maybe that was God's way of protecting me from emotional turbulence that I wasn't yet ready to handle?

Thankfully, she is in a much better place now. God provided her with a doctor who came at her issues from a completely different angle, suggesting two simple, naturally-occurring elements (potassium and magnesium, or, K and Mg. Woo hoo, I've still got some chemistry brain left!) to treat her symptoms. These have worked so effectively that now Mum has gone from taking a plethora of different drugs at different times of the day, to taking almost nothing! I can hardly believe it. She's not completely out of the woods - as yet there is no diagnosis as to what is causing all these issues to surface. Mum has been admitted to Auckland City Hospital to see a multitude of specialists to try to get the ever elusive 'big picture' of her health. We continue to pray that a light-bulb moment would be had so that she can continue to move forward.

We have been loving having Sarah home! I know it's been a busy and stressful time for her, but it's been so wonderful to just be able to hang out and see each other in real life. Skype is great, but face to face is 1000% better! Today Sarah picked up Elliot and Rosie and took them for a special outing - a drink and special cake at a cafe and a play on the playground. The kids loved it, of course! And I thoroughly enjoyed the time to myself!! What with everything going on lately I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed, so some mucking around, me time was just what the Happy Fairy ordered!

Catching the shining , floating dust in bed on a Saturday morning. Yes, I really am that good of a housekeeper.

Apologies for the quietness around here lately. (Was that a tumbleweed that just rolled by?) Blogging has had to take a back foot while I've been in survival mode. This week I'm trying to lift my game a bit - get the attitude under control, get out of bed on time and get back to where I need to be! I'll be back tomorrow with Wardrobe Wednesday - I'm already planning my outfit...

Love to y'all,

I have to leave with this last photo. blurry, but cute, right?

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  1. Glad things are settling down! I used to love catching dust fairies when I was little too!
    xx Amy


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