04 July 2012

Oh yes, it's Wardrobe Wednesday!

Well, it's been crazy round these parts.

My Mum has been very sick. Her health situation is ridiculously complicated, and lately it's been looking like we might not have her with us for too much longer. Today has been an alright day, maybe even involving some hope. We still don't know, and at this point we can't bank on Mum's future here on Earth, so we're down - but not out!

Something fabulous to come out of this not-very-nice situation is that my sister flew home from London yesterday! She's been away since January 2011 so it's been so wonderful seeing her again and hanging out.

With all this going on, I totally forgot it was Wednesday! My favourite Wardrobe day of the week! I wasn't wearing anything special today, but here I am:

It is wet wet wet at the moment, so the only prerequisite I had when getting dressed this morning was that I wanted to wear my flat boots!

Add a pop of my favourite colour - red - and you have a serviceable outfit for the day.

Cardi: Warehouse
Merino top: Glassons
Black top: Jeans West
Skirt: Warehouse
Leggings: Postie
Boots: Farmers
(Oh how flash and fabulous my wardrobe is!)

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  1. Wonderful outfit! So sorry to hear about your mum. Hopefully you all have some special family times :)

    p.s - did you happen to make your spiffy new header using my tutorial (!!??!?!?!)

  2. Oh how stylish your wardrobe is! And I love the pictures and background and might have to copy it for tomorrows pics. Also very sorry about your mum :(

  3. Looking gorgeous I love the way you style your pictures and you really do rock red.

    Thinking of you and your family and praying God's best for you all. May these days be founded in laughter and precious silences and may you find a deep peace in each others company xxxx

  4. I'm really sorry to hear your Mum isn't well. I'm sure being surrounded by family, and the silver lining of your sister coming home, will be helping to cheer her up and ease her pain. Sending lots of comforting thoughts your (and her) way.

    Your outfit looks to be pretty much the perfect everyday Winter outfit. I think I need some boots like that. Mmmhmm.

  5. That pretty much sums up my wet winter day outfits too. Enjoy these precious family times!

  6. Sorry to hear about your Mum. Hope that you all can make the most of the precious time together. I love the first photo of you in a Mexican stand-off with the trees (I hope that expression is not politically incorrect - who can tell anymore?) and nice to see you at Wardrobe Wednesday as usual.

  7. Love the red cardi with the little detail on the shoulder. Gosh, you are going through a testing time and being so gracious and dang brave about it! Bless you and your family xx

  8. Hi lovely - you won my giveaway but I don't have an email for you - could you flick me an email with your address and I will send it to you xx hope your Mama is doing okay xx


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