25 July 2012

WW#15: That scarf!

My camera batteries were going flat today. I had time to fire off one self-timered shot and a few close-ups. In the interest of self-conscious preservation, I have just about cropped myself out of the one self-timered shot I got. Which is better than what I WAS going to do - not include it at all! The main event is my beautiful new scarf anyway.

I won it from this beautiful lady in a giveaway on her lovely blog, Create Hope Inspire. The first thing one of my friends said to me this morning was, "That scarf!" And then proceeded to tell me all about how lovely it was - and isn't it just?! Beautiful. Thank you so much Miriam!

Outfit breakdown:
Scarf: Gift/prize (originally from Trade Aid)
Top: Millers ($5)
3/4 pants: Thrifted
Shoes: K-mart ($12)
Earrings: Postie ($3)

All in all a pretty affordable outfit!

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  1. whoot - it looks great on you! I was really stoked when your name came out of the hat!

  2. Yay bright scarf! Makes winter seem less dreary! Looks awesome!

  3. The colours are gorgeous - and suit you well, too! Yay for bloggy prizes!

  4. I'm so happy you won that scarf and I love the ruby red slippers! I tried to comment earlier but my computer was not complying with my wishes!!

  5. The scarf is gorgeous!!! Looks fabulous!

  6. You're so right - great colours on you too Jess!


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