02 August 2012

A thoroughly below average morning.

We had a thoroughly below average morning. Well, I say we, but I mean me, because it's my attitude that sets the tone around here.

The kids were eating their breakfast while I was getting dressed. They decided it would be fun to make a lake on the table from the water in their cups. (To be fair, I don't know whether the first spillage was deliberate or an accident, but the second was certainly on purpose!)
I completely lost it. There was shouting.

Writing it down and reading it back makes me see how trivial and ridiculous it really was. Afterwards, I removed myself from the general vicinity of the children, calmed down and went back to apologise for my behaviour and pray with them. Damage done, but maybe a lesson in how to be responsible for the way we act?

I am so thankful for the Grace I have received.

The rest of my day is being made better by experiencing lots of small, wonderful things. A vacant double trolley at the supermarket. A church friend just finished her shopping at the right time and she could wait with the little kids in the trolley while Elliot needed help on the toilet. (He's got great timing, that one!) Milk on special. Sour cream and Whitlock's Tomato Chutney sauce with my lunch. Children laughing together. Running into a precious old work colleague who I've been trying to get in touch with for years. A relatively tidy house. The most comfortable pj pants I have ever worn. Three sleeping children. (I can't decide which one is better out of those last two...)

God's compassions are new every morning (Lamentations 3:22-23) - and sometimes every afternoon too. Great is His faithfulness.

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  1. Hope and Fresh Chances - the breath of heaven into our hearts... lots of love x

  2. Hey, we aren't perfect. I like that you say sorry and pray with you little ones. And these pj pants...?

    1. Oh Amy, these pj pants! They're from Sussan (closing down sale + birthday money!) and they're a stretchy cotton jersey type fabric. Warm and cool at the same time. Long enough to cover my cold toes in bed at night. Stripey. Black and white and pink. So goooooooood.


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