29 August 2012

Happy 1st Birthday!

Can you believe it? My baby boy is one year old today.

My precious, smiley, snuggly baby has been with us for one whole Earth journey around the sun. One whole year. His birth - 4:54am, August 29, 2011 - whirlwind that is was, does seem like it was a year ago. It's been an eventful year, really. But all the growing up in between? Feels like I blinked and it's done!

Tristan, my precious boy. I smiled when I first met you. Not out of relief at the end of labour (you were in such a hurry to get out that I was hardly even IN labour!), but out of genuine, full-blown love and instant connection. I was so excited to meet you, to smell you, to snuggle you.

The very first of our many snuggles.

You have been my cuddliest baby. Content to sit with your head tucked under my chin or resting in my arm for the longest time. Happy to give me squishy baby cuddles whenever I want them - and you enjoy them too! You still sit still on my lap - Elliot was only still when he was sleeping and Rosie is a little busy-body, never still - but you? You're content to be still for a while.

Wrapped up snug under my first handmade pseudo-quilt - started before Elliot was born, finally finished in time for you.

The question I get asked about you most often? (Ridiculously often, actually.)

"Is he always this smiley?"

Yes. Yes, you are. You smile all the time. All. The. Time. And it's not just a little smile. You shine on us with your glorious, light-up-your-face, smile from your eyes, show us your cute teeth, downright beautiful smile. So happy that I dare anyone to not smile back. They won't be able to help themselves.

A few weeks old. Rockin' your smile since Day Two.

Tristan, your Papa and I? We make good babies. We make 'em cute. I happen to believe that my three children are some of the most beautiful children in the world. (Bias? Whatevs.) You are absolutely no exception. Perhaps I should be calling you handsome, and later I'm sure I will, but I really truly do think you are beautiful.

You make a fabulous sibling. You LOVE to follow Elliot and Rosie and join in with their play (probably just get in their way actually, but you enjoy it). Many-a-time have I been putting the big kids in bed and Baby comes rocketing down the hallway, laughing with anticipation, and pushes open the door to be with us too. Then of course they love it when I lift you up and you give them a bed time smooch before I say goodnight. You laugh like it's nobody's business when they run past you, backwards and forwards. They know it makes you laugh so they do it often. They love to make you happy. You have always been smitten with them, especially Elliot. Right from newborn, Elliot could always make you laugh the most. You love to grab his face and give him a huge mushy kiss.

3-way Row Row Row Your Boat

Rosie loves to capture your ear between two of her fingers. It sometimes frustrates you, but you still let her.

Of course, like Elliot and Rosie too, you adore your Oma. When you see her you grin like a monkey and struggle out of the arms of who's holding you to get to her. You're getting better at sitting still on her lap for a ride - when you don't want to turn around a smooch her, that is!

Moving so fast you're a blur!

Baby, you're so many things.

Watchful. Peaceful.


Took my eyes off you for a minute? Down the bottom of the ramp and still going full steam ahead.

Happy. Curious. Loving.


My three boys at breakfast one weekend morning.

Aren't I blessed?

My Boy, I can't wait to see what God has in store for you. What kind of mountains your faith will move. Where your God will take you. What He'll make you.

May you always be my Baby. My cheerful gift. My blessing. My proof that God is good to me. My special little man.

Happy birthday, precious boy. Your first one. Enjoy it. You won't remember it; I hope I always will. It's my prayer that we will celebrate so many more together that I do end up forgetting some.

Mama loves you. Always.


  1. Happy Birthday Tristan!! What a journey!

    Camilla and Tristan are one day a part! She had her first bday yesterday :) x

    Have a good day celebrating!!

  2. He's awesome. What a darling!

    1. I'm so glad that you can see that through the internet Miriam - he really is THAT awesome! Such a cool kid.

  3. Happy birthday Tristan! Gorgeous! Love the wee blondies!

  4. Happy birthday, Tristan!

    Sweet words, Jess.

  5. Happy 1st birthday Tristan
    My 'baby' boy turned 7 yesterday - xxxx -

  6. This is such a sweet post. How lovely ;o)
    Tania xx

    1. Thanks Tania! A sweet post for a sweet boy. x


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