08 August 2012

Op Shop Scores

A fruitful op-shopping trip yesterday!

I was only going there to buy one thing that I knew this particular shop sold (read on!), but who can enter an op shop without browsing just a little?! I had Rosie and Tristan with me so I couldn't stay long, but long enough to score some bargains!

Rocket refills ($1.50), 2 different fabrics, a woollen knit baby cardigan ($3) and some knitting patterns (3 for 50c).

Isn't this just gorgeous? And look! Brand new!

This fabric is actually a reversible duvet cover in really good condition. I love the print on the one side and the pattern on the other. A win-win situation, I feel. I might even use it as a duvet cover! Maybe... I do like fabric. (I think I have a problem, but that would be a whole other post...)

I chose these knitting patterns because I thought they looked cool. No, I can't knit. But I have friends that can! I intend to offer them to a friend, but if she declines, I'll let you know. I just love the styling of each of these pictures, don't you? Hilarious. Also, I would love to see my kids in these, especially the middle one.

The other thing I got but didn't take a photo of is a big roll of newsprint paper. I'm pretty excited about this. I remember as a kid, laying down full length and getting my sister to trace around me on the big old roll of newsprint and then I'd do the same for her and we'd draw in our faces and colour on clothes and other cool stuff. Hours of fun. Hours. Of. Fun.

Here's to coming up with a whole bunch of kids activities to do with/on newsprint paper! Pinterest, here I come! (Follow me here.)

I'm excited to start using some of my new fabrics (I went to Spotlight too...) to make some boy versions of these capsule covers this week. Right, I'm off to do the dishes and put away washing before my dear Man gets home. Sometimes it's nice to make it look like I have actually achieved something during the day!


**I'm taking a break from Wardrobe Wednesday until I feel a little more positive about myself. I'm in a bit of an unhealthy rut right now and would like to make some changes. My WW's will be back when I've made some headway.**


  1. Cool! A roll of newsprint paper! What op-shop did you visit?

  2. I think it's St Vincent's? Or an Anglican one? It's opposite the KFC in town, northern end of Victoria St. The op shop's tucked behind a bus shelter on Liverpool Street.

    1. That's my favourite one! I think they have some wonderful ladies knitting for them. I scored my favourite blanket, a so-sweet knitted teddy and some baby shower gifts there (hi Talia and Eden!). Gotta love finding things to love that is handmade, local and supporting a good cause.

      P.S. You're posting often these days. I'm glad you have so much inspiration these days.

      P.P.S. Ruts...hrmph. Hug.

  3. I wonder how many of us would put up our hand and say we love op shopping?!! I'll go first!!! I haven't been since last school holidays - had a really good find of a thick winter size 7 jacket for Caleb ($4!!!!!!!!!!)back then. Maybe I'll set a date next week - my first non-medical outing with baby and toddler!!! Enjoy your finds!

    1. I think there's more than you think Anneke! I'll certainly raise my hand too! I just love finding great things at the op shop. Sometimes I can't understand what people give away?! A non-medical outing sounds like just what you need - tuck them both up in the pram and browse for as long as you like. Bliss.

  4. Ah yes! I think it's the Anglican one. I've found some pretty cute vintage baby dresses there! I find the shop to be a little pricey overall, but they have some goodies in there.

    1. Yeah, the fabric was a little more than I usually spend, but it's in really great condition and the blue & green floral is a great weight for capsule covers (I think I will sell them!) so I couldn't go past them!

  5. Oh man I loved newsprint as a child. Good score!

  6. Good score on the newsprint - I spied some at a shop = over 100 bucks. WHAAAAT. Mental.

    I've just gone through your archives and caught up on Jess' world! I dont know where your blog posts were hiding in my feeder but I'm guttered I haven't been reading them in real time! Boo!

    Hope you and the family are doing well, so pleased to hear about your Mums improvement a bunch of posts ago, hoping she is still on the up! :) xxx


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