07 August 2012

Pretty Little Dolly

So it was my dear friend's birthday. In February.

I started making her a present way back then, and I finished it on Friday. Yes folks, my sense of timing IS that good.

(Excuse the crazy eyes... Note to self - check where eyes are looking BEFORE taking photo.)

Once again, I remembered to take photos! Not many however, as after taking precisely three blurry ones (in my most-brightly-lit-yet-still-too-dim-to-take-good-photos room, the kitchen), my batteries died.

So, without further ado, I present to you Pretty Little Yet-To-Be-Named Dolly.

She turned out different than I had first thought she would - I think that's always the way it goes when you make little people? I had sewn on felt eyes, but when I went to stuff her (sorry Dolly!) they were in a completely ridiculous place (my fault, not the pattern's!) - her cheeks, hence the slight smudge you can see on the right that I couldn't quite get off.

I especially like her cute pink hair, sparkly earrings and stripy socks.

This little cutey was made from my fabulous Wee Wonderfuls book. I actually adapted the pattern that was for a boy doll and turned it into a girl - wonderful what pink hair and a dress will do isn't it? I'm looking forward to making some more and perfecting my eye placement and cheek blush techniques. There'll be another one coming soon so watch this space!


  1. She is SO cute - love the earrings and I would totally wear the socks!

  2. Replies
    1. I know, right?! It totally made her look the best. Without it Dolly was just a boy with pink hair...

  3. Very sweet! Love he pink hair :) She reminds me of strawberry shortcake - a sort of 60's chic version.

    1. I like that - a chic 60's Ms Shortcake. I'll suggest it. x


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