21 September 2012

My, How They've Grown

Seriously, when did my babies grow up so much?

How did they get to be children already?

(Okay, Tristan still counts as a baby... But he just born last week, wasn't he..?)

Weren't they all so little just the other day?

Like this?

Napping with my 3-day-old baby girl

1.5 year old Elliot 'helping' Papa build the new deck

I can see my children growing before my eyes. Can't we just stay here a while?


  1. oh I know exactly what you mean!

  2. Mine is 6 months old today! I wish we could go back six months!

  3. it's killing me too, Jess!!
    something MUST be done!! ;)


  4. There is something so precious about that napping with the 3 day old Rosie photo. The way you've got her all wrapped up .... just beautiful. Kellie xx


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