03 September 2012

Styling My House: Work in Progress

In my last post I shared a picture of the shelf that is my next project.

This morning I had a few hours completely child-free!!!!!!!!!! (Thanks Glenys!)

So what did I do?

Cleaned my kitchen. Yes I did.

I actually do enjoy cleaning when I can get it finished in one go instead of getting sidetracked by helping the children. Not that there's anything wrong with helping the children (actually, that's more important than cleaning, in my books), but it does mean it takes much longer to finish your jobs!

Anyway, I made a start on my SMH shelf project. My biggest challenge with this one is finding a place for the modem. It needs to be in this area, but it's not exactly very stylish is it?

Here's what I did:

Can you spot it up there?
I positioned it up on top of the kitchen cupboards and then cut up strips of white paper and just wrapped it around the cords, then blu-tacked it to the wall to hold it in place. Quite ingenious, I thought!

That's all I had time for today (need to go get the kids in exactly 2 minutes!), even though I know it's not very exciting. It's kind of like preparing the blank canvas, yes? I have some ideas with what I want to do with my two shelves, I just need to finalise my plans.

Until next time, my lovelies!


  1. It feels great organising a spot in the home! Great idea with the cords xx

  2. I didn't even spot it til you pointed it out! Good as!


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