14 September 2012

Today I'm...

Today I'm hoping to get a few productive things done. This week the house has been mostly under control, which frees me up to do a few other bits and pieces.

Elliot is at kindy until 3pm, and I usually find it easier to get jobs done when there's only two kids at home with me. Though, Master E is a very good helper and we do miss him when he's not with us.

Today's list looks like this:

Rosie was taking off her jacket after we'd finished playing at the playground this morning and as she had her buttons undone but her arms spread out at her sides she said, "I'm a butterfly!" I've been thinking I must make some wings for her one day soon (Hello?! She's MY daughter after all, and I used to live in wings - both as a child and an older teenager...), so today's the day! I'll try and squeeze in a superhero cape for Elliot too, I think.

Right I'm off to get started on my list. First thing? Good music.

Ciao lovelies!



  1. So glad to know I'm not the only one who needs to write lists to get through the day. Please tell me you don't finish the list though . . . .
    Wings Wings Wings YES YES YES

    1. No way do I finish! I always think as I'm writing my list 'Make it achievable' but I just can't seem to get through it! This particular list is now somewhere on my dining room floor, laughing at me with it's almost but no quite finished-ness.
      Wings Wings Wings YAY YAY YAY! Planning to do a tutorial soon because they're so darn cute!


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