27 September 2012

Today I'm...

... rejoicing over my found earring!

On Tuesday night the end of the world began to approach with the discovery that one of my favourite-earrings-ever had fallen out of my ear!

Exhibit A: The lost earring

But this morning as I sat down to feed the baby (not really a baby, but he's the youngest so we'll cling to that disillusion for a little longer), I looked to the floor and there it was! My prodigal earring. Welcome home!

... trying to conquer ANOTHER cold.

There has been much of this - lounging about it pill-y track pants. And washing. Always lots of washing.

I feel like I've been sick since the beginning of July. Actually, that's probably not that far off the truth. Frustrating. I've been trying to keep this one at bay with high doses of Vitamin C and echinacea, but no joy. Tomorrow I'm going to the doctor to request some antibiotics. (You should see the amazing green boogers I'm blowing out. Looks disgustingly like pus. Too much information? Maybe...)

It's just too hard to care for three children, a husband and a house when you are not at 100%. These last few months have been pretty tough actually.

... contemplating sewing.

I have some lovely nieces who need some birthday presents. I really want to sew them something pretty to wear, but it's been hard to find the time or energy (see above).

Funny story: I did sew a dress for one of the nieces a month or so back. I always make things way too small (like Rosie's dress for Elliot's party, which she wore that day and not again because it's too small!), so I made sure to make it roomy. Turns out I was TOO generous. It would fit an average adult, not a 7 year old. My bad.

... listening to my baby play in his bed.

He's been tired and out of sorts for most of this week (thank you, Teething Monster) and yet today he's decided that instead of doing this...

... he will do this instead.

Just as well he's cute, right?


  1. *sigh* I hear you re the sickness ;'(
    hope you 'somehow' find time for you . . . I laugh whenever someone tells me to have a break mwahahahaha WHEN?
    LOVE the tunic :) and your 'baby' is very very gorgeous


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