19 September 2012

WW: Brief Encounter

*Sorry about the different sizes of all the photos today. I just can't figure out enough HTML or photo editing to get it to sit right. Bear with.*

Brief Encounter is the name of my fabulous new dress. The amazing Nin of Sailor Spy (our previous Wardrobe Wednesday hostess) is a New Zealand fashion designer.

From her blog:
Her style is about lasting quality pieces, made locally with unique design elements and gorgeous fabrics. [She] designs pieces that look good whatever your lifestyle in which you feel beautiful, unique, classy and sexy.

This beautiful dress certainly fits those criteria. I am a busy mother of three pre-schoolers, certainly not either a stick figure or glamorous model, however, wearing it makes me feel feminine, lovely and classy while still being comfortable enough to chase a baby, change a nappy or read a story to a pile of kids.

Nin's clothes are everything she says they will be: beautiful, unique, classy and sexy. Go and have a look at her shop and follow her blog to stay up to date with her new looks.

Today, Mr 4 helped me with my photos. This is the first one he took...

Yes, upside down.

The rest were the right way up, but I ended up needing to resort to the self-timer again. We'll keep working on Elliot's photography skills...

My jewellery is facing the right way today! I'm wearing my go-to earrings - the leaves, and one of my favourite (though not particularly baby-friendly) necklaces - the moving, sparkling fish.

Missy Moon (a.k.a. Rosie, 2-and-three-quarters) wanted to show off her ballerina buns today, so she joined me for a few pictures. I think she's pretty cute!

My outfit breakdown
Dress: Brief Encounter - Sailor Spy
Swing cardi: Millers
Singlet: Jay Jays
Leggings and earrings: Postie
Shoes: Farmers
Necklace: Lovisa

Rosie's outfit breakdown
Woollen poncho: Alpaca wool, from Ecuador (via Auntie Heidi, via Uncle Marco visiting my own husband (though he wasn't even my boyfriend at the time!))
Top and skirt: hand-me-downs! (Fabulous things, hand-me-downs.
Tights: Farmers
Shoes: borrowed

And that's my picture-heavy WW post for the week! Wardrobe Wednesday is a lot of fun - if you've got a blog and a camera, I encourage to to join in. You don't have to have an amazing wardrobe full of amazing clothes. Apart from this dress, nearly my entire supply of clothing is from stores that are el cheapo because out of necessity, money is the biggest factor for me when choosing new clothes. So all you need to have is an outfit that you wouldn't mind being seen in public in (I don't post my Wednesday afternoon outfits!), and you can join in! We'd love to see you!

PS: Stay tuned for my new Adoption Journey tab up top too. Hopefully I'll finish that later today or tomorrow. I'm so excited for tabs!


  1. I heart this dress !! I own it in brown and get the best compliments EVERY time I wear it !!
    You look fabulous honey

  2. so pretty! and Rosie looks so grown up!!!!! and super cute. you should do a WW for her every week :-)

  3. You look AMAZING!! And that colour is devine on you!!!

  4. Yay - it really does my heart good to see my clothes on happy real people. And I love the expression you have in the up side down pic "Whaaaat are you doing??"- its perfect!! I should explain that its called brief encounter after a favourite black and white film from the 40's.

    Also I shall have to try out the Princess Leia look on my wee one :)

    1. I tell everyone that "this is my designer dress" and I feel so special and fabulous when I wear it!

  5. gorgeous colour on you - great shape - great designer - go you - you look awesome even upside down!

  6. I agree - you really chose the very best colour for you, it looks fabulous. I love the upside down shot and the buns too, aren't kids grand?

    1. Kids are amazingly grand. Rosie wore her buns again on Thursday and cried when I finally had to take them out. Poor girl, it's a tough life. :)

  7. Love the dress - so flattering in shape and colour - and the upside down photo :) And of course, your little cutie with her ballerina buns!

    1. Isn't she so sweet?! We recently got a second hand book ALL about ballerinas, so we are totally into it at the moment! I should have taken a picture last week - she was wearing her tights and tutu and asked for ribbons on her shoes...

  8. What a gorgeous color, and such a flattering cut! Nin sure is talented and you are rockin' this look, Jess. Thanks for commenting on my blog so I could find yours!!! ~Sarah

    1. Thanks Sarah! I just love this colour - I have one other top this exact shade and I'm looking forward to summer (and dropping a few kgs!) until I can wear it again!

  9. i'm SO jealous of your clothesline! (and i think it makes a very tasteful backdrop for a post about clothes!) ;) i had one for 2 years when we lived in a small mid-west (usa, it's occuring to me that i am now international! haha) farm town. we've been back in the seattle area for 6.5 years now and i've been begging my husband to put one up for me, to no avail. boo hoo!

    at any rate, i love that your daughter joined you... her outfit is supercute!

  10. OH! funny story! i just re-read your outfit breakdown and noticed you have "singlet" listed. by process of elimination, i've gathered that must be what i'd call a cami (or camisole). we had a dinner table discussion about singlets the other night because my 13 year old is on the cross country team at school and they got their uniforms the other day. my husband, a former runner, made a big deal about the fact that the top (which i - like an ignorant idiot - mistakenly called a tank top) is a singlet. i've never heard this word before and now it's apparently everywhere! LOL!


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