18 October 2012

[Coming Up] Blog-iversary + 100th post!

That's right, next weekend is my 2 year blog-iversary! And, if I time it right, my 100th post.

I think that calls for a wee celebration, don't you?

Keep your eyes peeled for a special post - including a give-away!

The kids (minus Tristan) with my Mum at the Auckland Zoo during the school holidays.


  1. Jess! i can't believe you've been blogging that long... i feel so stink that i never comment i think i've been a reader almost that long! anyway go you, you are a legend and i wish we lived in the same town so we could be real life friends again xoxo love jess g

  2. Go Jess. Well done with the blog, I admire you for having 3 littlies and having the time/energy to do it! I always think a blog is a nice idea, but can't bring myself to make one...does it ever seem like homework?

    1. Thanks Sas! I've always thought I'd LOVE to read about your life via blogging. You totally should! No, it doesn't feel like homework, not for me. I think mostly that's because I have such a small readership, who I think is almost entirely my friends and family. I don't feel any pressure to post, so that takes the 'nagging' (if a blog can nag?) away from it. Maybe it would be different if I had 100's or 1000's of followers and sponsors?


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