10 October 2012

[Part 2] Camping at Matata

Here are the rest of the photos from our lovely, windy weekend at Matata.

Playing quoits - our awesome new 'vintage' game.

Reading stories in the 'bedroom.'

Off for a walk along the Matata Lagoon Track.

Tristan having a go on my back. This is such a comfortable way to wear a baby! (Maybe I should make this my Wardrobe Wednesday post?!) However, I told Hayden to take the photo from "here *gesture to shoulders* up," as, if you remember from last post how the mei tei ties in front, it's not a good look for a well-endowed female!

Best friends!

Self-timed family photo at the little look-out shelter thingy. (Descriptive, aren't I?)

The Happy Baby playing in the tent. Clapping is one of his favourite activities.

More of our breakfast in the sunshine beside our flattened tent.

Happy Baby becomes Pensive Baby when he's tired...

All packed up and ready to go! We don't have a tow ball (yet) and didn't want to take a trailer anyway, so we folded the spare seat up out of the way and packed everything in and around the kids and me. They all had their legs out in front of them, resting on piles of woollen blankets. I had the LPG gas bottle taking up my leg room. It was good to get out and straighten my legs when we got home!

So that was our wee break. A few people have asked us if we've been put off camping by our escapades in the wind on Saturday night. We definitely have not. We're already planning our next camping trip, and updating our master list of things we need to bring with us.

Spare tent pegs and an air bed without a hole in it are right at the top.


  1. hi jess, cute photos! hey, with the mei tai, you can tie it so it doesnt cross between the ladies - here's a great video to show you how: http://youtu.be/EB3xZiGndrA
    I made one that only has straps on the top bit, longer than usual, and that also works well.
    hope that helps!

  2. ha ha ha love that last comment and the family photo is awesome x


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