03 October 2012

Saturday, via my phone

We had a beautiful, productive family day on Saturday. The sun was shining, we had no plans, it was glorious. We had breakfast together, lazed about, got dressed and got into our jobs - all together, family-style.

My camera batteries were flat so I recorded our day via my trusty but simple phone camera. I love having a phone with a camera now (this is my first one. I'm behind the times, y'all), mostly so I can send screeds of pictures of the kids to my sister in London.

The sun was shining bright and warm (bring on Summer!) so many loads of washing were washed and hung.

Rosie and Elliot helped me by hanging all the socks, undies and bibs on the rack that I'd set up next to the washing line.
Cutest Moment of the Day #1: Noticing Rosie had put all her pegs on upside-down:

Then it was time for some morning tea on the deck. I love so much seeing my three sitting together. It warms the cockles of my heart. (Cheesy saying FTW!)

Funny faces. Cute baby.

Next up was a spot of watching Papa mow the lawns. The kids enjoy getting their chairs out and watching the show while their Papa does all the hard work!

After the lawns were mowed and the pikelets were eaten for lunch (or did lunch come before lawns? I forget.), we dragged our tent out of the garage. We are planning a camping holiday and needed to have a go at putting up the tent. We bought it new around this time last year, intending to go camping over the 2011/12 Summer - a fav NZ past time! - but January was rubbish weather! So we hadn't had a chance to use it and wanted to check we knew what to do and that everything we needed was there.

IT'S HUGE! We didn't put the fly (rain cover) on properly because we didn't have enough space to peg it all out! It's a 4-room tent, with two main rooms (this is the view from the back; the open door is the back of the main room, and the sun room is in front of it) and two smaller rooms (kid's bedrooms) off the sides (seen to either side of the main room here). Crazy. But so so cool. We are all very excited about our up-coming camping trip!

The rest of the day included chilling out after all that sunshine, easy dinners, early kids bed times and birthday present sewing. A lovely busy day. What a blessing.

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  1. YES for Summer Camping!
    We are off again this summer too!
    Love it!
    Cute Cute Cute lil blondies


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