15 October 2012

SMH: Photo wall

Another Styling My House project brought to you by...

Yes, no fancy sponsors, just me and my desire for a house that reflects my family and my sense of personal style. Whatever that is.

For the last couple of months I've been gathering together photo frames and bits and pieces for my take on a wee 'collage wall.' The space I had in mind was one wall in our lounge. It already contains an uplight (we have no ceiling lights in our lounge - I like that!), a light switch and a clock/thermometer.

I wanted to collate my bits and pieces in a random way to make a bit of a feature of an otherwise blank, boring wall. I used a little birthday money here, visited a new market that started a few months ago there, and gathered things I already had everywhere else. Bring on the kid's nap time...

And voilĂ ! A wee collage wall!

(Looking at the photos, it looks a bit sparse. But I assure you in real life it fills the wall well!

I think my favourite piece - though it's hard to choose! - is the red heart. I chose it from Trade Aid with Rosie on my birthday in July. It's been wrapped in tissue paper in my bedroom since then so it was exciting to get it out! My wee owl is the close second. It's so sweet! Small enough so that the kids don't knock it over, cute enough to make me smile when I look at it. The dove with roses is from the new Gordonton Country Market. I saw it at the start and just had to go back for it before we went home! The 'B' (for our surname) is just from Spotlight. I think it would look better painted, but I'm not sure what colour. What do you think? The little doll is a gift from my sister when she was travelling in Turkey.

It's so nice being able to glance up and see my new collage wall. I love the photos, and love that it will be easy to update them as the kids grow. All in all, a successful way to spend and afternoon nap time, me thinks!

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  1. Looks awesome. I would paint the letter in duck egg blue and then stencil it with a doily in white. I am quite jealous of your chair is that okay??


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